Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hate Speech

I just read a column by Ann Coulter "From The Halls Of Malibu To The Shores Of Kennedy' in which she stoops to irony, sarcasm, and a factual narrative chronicling the Democrats' previous irrational positions and absurd predictions during the course of the war in Iraq. She refuses to except the wise position and analysis of the New York Times as a given and descends into the pit of hatred from there.
Recounting the Democrats previous positions is hate speech. Backing it up with specific examples is a hate-filled diatribe, a genre for which Anne Coulter is well known. Siding with Nazi Bush and the neocons against the legitimate hopes of a few misunderstood militants shows a level of disgusting cultural ethnocentricity that is certain to make Ms. Coulter's more unstable readers dislike our misunderstood friends from the Third World and use the rascist slur 'terrorists' to describe their just response to a world gone mad with Global Capitalism.
Cant we all just get along? Now we're supposed to cheer some 'general' because he's 'winning' a war when the money we've wasted on this colonial enterprise could be much better spent subsidizing the Democrats' campaign contributors. What about the Children? Are useless pronouncements about 'progress', however accurate, going the make their lives any better? So keep fulminating your rage and obloquy Anne, us sane people know that the way to overcome a murderous opponent is to lay down your arms and negotiate.

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