Monday, September 17, 2007

Chicom Employee

So the masters of opposition research, the holders of the FBI files, the people who took cash from the Chicoms named Huang, Lippo, Kanchanalak, Trie, Buddhist Nuns and James Riady's gardener are asking us to believe that "Norman Hsu just wanted to be liked". I'm sure Hu Jintao liked him a lot when he authorized yet another set of payments to be funneled to longtime Chicom employee Hillary Clinton. Lead painted toys, poisoned cat food, toxic toothpaste and a nice invasion of uppity Taiwan will all be OK if Red China's satrap is installed in the White House by retards hoping for free handouts from Big Sister. I was listening to her speech on CSPAN at the Tom Harkin Steak Fry (a carbon and cholesterol criminal fun fest in Iowa) where after a ludicrous anecdote about finding blind and disabled children galore during her days as a big-government lobbyist, all denied a decent life by the too-small size of government, she screeched out a list of things that she was going to set right; use diplomacy to solve terrorism (!), end secret ballots in Union elections, take back those horrible tax cuts and make sure every American gets all the health care they ever dreamed about FOR FREE! I guess those Iowans are going to need it real bad after their kids get done sucking the poisoned paint off those uninspected toys from China, not to mention Grandma, unable to afford human food because of the murderous Bush regime's invasion of Iraq, tucking into a can of Kitty Feast and choking on the industrial waste added by Madame's Chicom campaign contributors. When are they going to catch on to what a corrupt fraud she is?

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