Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Orator In Chief

So, jaw thrust out in typical socialist fashion like Fidel or Hugo, our 'slightly-left-of-center' Maximum Leader proposed government regulation of banker's salaries and policies that would amount to the quasi-nationalization of the banks, blamed the now effectively nationalized auto companies' problems on their feeble management and not on the predatory unions which have crippled The Big Three and now the taxpayers with endlessly increasing labor costs, declared his intention to nationalize health care and proclaimed his desire to invest trillions converting to the most expensive, unreliable energy sources in his Quixotic quest to bring the weather under the control of the State. A nice evening's work for our 'slightly-left-of-center' Caudillo. The markets are only down 150 points so far this morning but give them time to mull over the Stalinist nature of his proposals; stocks will soon be as worthless as the currency we have to buy them with.

This is good. The Wall Street types who were so groovy and voted Green deserve, like modern-day Phineuses, to have every penny of their Capitalist loot striped from their pudgy fingers by these Marxist harpies before it reaches their famished offshore accounts. We can all smile in anticipation when we think of the Cuba-style health care we're about to receive. After all, didn't Michael Moore say it was so much better? Thank goodness we're getting 'slightly-left-of-center' policies, like Hugo or Fidel, instead of 'really-left-of-center' ones like Pol Pot or Kim Jong Il.

And werent we all charmed by the coyote-faced visage of Comrade Pelosi in her green, padded Mao-style jacket leaping up like some Red Guard, driven to ecstasy by the sonorous words of The Great Helmsman Of Change as each new outrage against our misguided country fell from his lips? She was so deliriously happy when The Master Of Change denounced the private aircraft of the bankers it almost wiped out the memory of her gigantic tantrum that the Speaker's private jet was unsuitably small. Did Newt have a government-provided 747 at his fingertips? Dummy Hastert just had a U-Haul with its own self-contained forklift but I think the glitzy corporate-style jet is a perk invented by our plastic-faced Nancy Of The House. She came across like a glassy-eyed Moonie on mushrooms as the seemingly endless list of government programs and tax increases droned on and on.

Obama even turned to Vice President Slow-Joe and threatened to unleash him on the world as though that confuddled dummy was anything but a world-champion embarrassment. The phony smile that Slow-Joe gave The Magnanimous One as he received his tiny dollop of attention from Our National Parent oozed with insincerity. Its amazing to see the level of palpable hatred that apparently has grown up between these two because Doofus-Boy cant keep onto the script. If looks could kill...

Hey, and did you guys know that parents were important to their children's education? It is, I swear to God, Obama said it and its true. We'll need a wave of parental concern and responsibility to offset the trillion or so that BHO is promising as payoffs to the Education Beaurocrats so they can convert more science classes to the teaching of Climate Change religion, more history classes to the instruction in the Evil History Of Genocidal America and similar revisions in other subjects. Luckily the modern student has long-since abandoned any interest in the propagandistic pablum the Educrats are attempting to spoon down their unreceptive throats and are mainly engaged in texting each other semi-literate salacious messages on their Blackberries.

As The Great Medicator bragged that he has already added 11 million children to the Medicaid rolls and threatened to press-gang the rest of us into the tender mercies of a State-run medical system there were loving cutaways to the walking corpse of Darth Vader Ginsburg. Maybe after she kicks the bucket (any day now by the looks of her) she can become our first ACORN Justice and continue to vote on the court in the spirit of Fairness and Equity. If corpses can vote in Philadelphia and Minneapolis why not on The Court? Gee, after all the happy Dick Cheney heart-attack jokes we've been hearing for the last eight years and the endless prayers by the left for Clarence Thomas to have a coronary you would think Ms. Vader-Ginsburg's would provoke as much levity as fat Teddy's malignant brain, but apparently not.

The Mighty Barak even told a funny joke when he described the Stimulus Bill as 'earmark-free'! I almost swallowed my tongue. How stupid do these Marxists think we are? It was one big, fat trillion buck earmark. In fact the main impression this speech gave was its highlighting of Obama's tenuous connection to the truth. Doublethink. To enjoy this speech you had to ignore the nature of our trillion-dollar Stimulus Swindle and forget everything that Obama had ever said in the past. Will people ever catch on to this nonsense?

But then we had the Republican response. Sadly disappointing. Bobby Jindal might be great in policy and philosophy but he sure needs to hone his speechification skills. His weedy voice and the phony emphasis that came across as totally contrived were grating after the velvet tones of our Marxist Master. The Governor Of Louisiana lacked passion and fire, as though he was secretly worried that his words would contribute to Global Warming if they sizzled too much. I lost track of what he was saying really quickly. Oh well, he's got four years to practice and maybe people will be sick of demigogery by then. Maybe not.

So we now have a precis for the agenda of the mega-leftists who now completely control the entire government; executive, judicial, legislative on the local, state and federal levels. Obama has outlined the targets that the jackals are going for in this still-sunny period before the national bankruptcy overwhelms our will for ever more government economic destruction. He slipped a word in about his Cap and Trade tax scheme; wait until that one is unveiled,then you'll see how markets can tank and capital can flee! The last scraps of wealth will be stripped away from this country's citizens, every shred of hope torn from the breasts of our children, every enterprise crushed, our currency worthless, our hospitals filthy and broken, our borders open, the parasites fattening on the thinning blood of their dying host and all opposition expunged by a brutal and heartless radical government. The New Age Of Hope And Change!

Once two men in Russia were having and argument. They sought out the Most Wise Rabbi in the world to settle the issue between them.
"My friend here agrees with Trotsky and thinks that socialism should be built everywhere in the world but I agree with Comrade Stalin that socialism can only be built in one country. Who is right?"
The Wise Rabbi thought deeply for a while and then replied, "My friends, Comrade Stalin is right, socialism can only be built in one country...but to live in that country, impossible!"

The Marxists gave the author of that joke ten years in a concentration camp.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama Wont Fail

My sister sent me an e-mail where she said that she was having nightmares about standing in a soup line in the not-too-distant future. I wrote back and told her not to worry.

Look around and see the U2 sweatshirts on some of your fellow line-members and smile to yourself. Maybe you'll see a few sad-sack 'Live Better Work Union' logos still visible in the faded grimy rags of some of the crushed looking bowl-holders and be able to envision the look on their Democratic-voting formerly fat faces when they were told that their factory emitted too much greenhouse gas making unnecessary consumer products and that the Union pension fund had been lost investing in 'Green' stocks of companies that turned out be be run by crooks who were giving regular kickbacks to Chuck Schumer and the Clintons and who will therefore escape inquiry.

The way things are going the guy making the soup will probably be an out-of-work gourmet chef and he will use his effete and now useless skills to take the refuse the merciless megastate is doling out to the poor and come up with a passable bisque. The rolls will be created from a wheatshorts-sawdust mixture by a formerly famous pastry chef who now lives on a pallet of greasy rags and flea-infested straw in a corner of the shelter and fights other inmates for dropped cigarette butts on the street.

What? These upper middle class posers didnt know that when they voted in a socialist government in the last free election in 2008 they were voting for downward mobility? But...But...Bush Lied! And Mark Foley sent those terrible e-mails. Of course Obama made some mistakes and had a few unfortunate friends who made mistakes and the stimulus bill might have been a mistake and even shooting Rush Limbaugh for crimes against the state might have been a little troubling but what about The Children? And The Dolphins? And The Climate? And Cage-free Chickens? We recycled, we took cloth bags to the store so that plastic bags wouldnt make children in poor countries break out in hives, we cared about Darfur (whereEVER it is), we supported the troops (but not the mission, of course) so what did we Give-Peace-A-Chanceniks ever do to deserve THIS squalid painful day-to-day fight against dirt, hunger and disease?

Obama will not fail to install a class of ruthless, arrogant thugs at the top of society and they wont fail to lead the sheep into The New Age of...Poverty and Repression. It is always thus with socialism. The people who run it always succeed in crushing everyone else in the name of Fairness and with a false promise of free benefits. Only people completely blind to their own self-interests, who they are, how they got where they are, were things are going, what their rights are, what their moral and civic responsibilities are could have voted this coterie of miscreant, corrupt, stupid and proud-of-their-arrant-foolishness group of Al Frankenesque broken human beings into power. The middle class elected their own worst enemies and now they are going to have to pay with everything they ever thought they had a right to own. Every person contemptible enough to vote for a Barbara Boxer or an Al Franken or a Chuck Schumer or a Debbie Stabinow should hang their heads in eternal shame that they so carelessly threw away their lives because they didnt have the sense to realize you cant get something for nothing. The eternal promise of the con-man and indeed the foundation of all vice is the idea that there are no consequences for your actions. There are.

Every vote you ever made for ANY Democrat for ANY office brought you to this pass you pathetic losers. The mish-mash of junk science, junk-economics, moral vacuity, celebrity-worship and intellectual pretense without any spiritual depth has led you into a blind alley and put the most ruthless group of people in history, people who worship power, people whose Utopian savagery is a form of mental illness in charge of every molecule of your existence; or even whether you have an existence. The Rights Endowed By Your Creator were cancelled when you became too sophisticated to have a Creator and turned to The Daily Show for inspiration.

I dont care about myself, I want everybody who ever voted for a Democrat to SUFFER as their fat rich little existences are stripped away in the name of GREEN. I want the smug middle class certainty burned from their stupid brains. Yes, the smarter ones are starting to catch on...and we havent even fixed the weather yet... but the average dolts still havent put it together. And now its too late. I want them to remember the delicious food made by Evil Agribusiness on shows they saw on the Food Channel during the sunny Bush Years and weep as they gnaw the rock-hard crust of bread they were lucky to buy with their $400,000,000 daily Social Security check at the bleak, empty-shelved, government-run stores.
You who chortled so coyly as Hugo called George Bush 'Satan' now richly merit getting your surgery-nipped noses rubbed in the Venezuelan Dream as you sit, unemployed and useless, shivering in the freezing shell of the SUV you used to drive before it became your domicile, you holistic half-wit! Dig the Feng Shui! There better be some Global Warming because if there's not your ass is gonna FREEZE! Hope and Change has got you in its talons you scraps of excess population greenhouse gas generating consumerist whacko soft brained dummies suckers chumps!

Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The ACORN Census

The odious Obamanoids, in their quest for brain-damaged Re-pyub-i-cans to give bi-partisan cover to their outrages against the Constitution, dredged up the 'dead man walking' Senator from the newly 'Blued' state of New Hampshire and offered him the cushy sinecure of Secretary Of Commerce. Now, Our First Black President (the always lovable BJ Clinton) appointed one of his many political bag-men, Ron Brown, to this laudable post. Brown's role at Commerce added up to directing revenue streams into the Clinton's many slush funds and offshore bank accounts. It seems that his self-respect and his trust for the Clintons was beginning to suffer when his incumbency was ended by a tragic plane crash in Bosnia, which no one suggests was engineered by The Clintons even though it served their purposes very nicely. Brown was replaced by the scrupulously honest (giggle, giggle) Bill Richardson. Commerce is just not a post for an honest man. In fact its a job for a mold-encrusted political hack on the make.

But if you cant find a mold-encrusted political hack on the make then pick a rural nudnick with an oddly-shaped skull named Judd. Since the Dems managed to change New Hampshire's voter registration laws to make it possible for anyone to show up on election day, swear that they intend to move to New Hampshire and register and vote that day the Republicans, who meekly allowed this travesty of the voting laws to be enacted, have become an endangered species in that underpopulated, mountainous sliver of New England.

So I guess the Dems looked at the oddly-shaped skull of this Judd and remembered that as a New Hampshire Republican he sat silently by while the voter registration laws in that state were turned into a joke and figured Judd was a bi-partisan, go-along-to-get-along kinda guy. They were probably genuinely surprised that he had objections to the President's Stalinist chief of staff reaching in to take effective control of the 2010 Census away from the Commerce Secretary so he could organize the counting under the political control of the Marxist zealots in the White House.

"So what?" you might ask. You just send the forms out and then collect them, right? Wrong. If you're a leftist nothing is ever that simple. You see, these guys have rejected the Newtonian arithmetical certainties of 'counting' American Citizens and replaced them with the truly Einsteinian concept of relative abstract formulization as you 'estimate' the number of the unfairly uncounted. In other words the leftists have determined that the Great Big Right-Wing Conspiracy has Conspired to undercount left-wing populations. Some would suggest that left-wingers are overcounting Right-Wing conspiracies.

Inventing fake voters to pad their 'majorities' in elections is long-time Democratic Party tradition. Boss Tweed, Richard Daley; the urban machines were always dominated by Democrats as were the rural precincts of the deep South and the halt, the lame, and the dead were an important part of the coalition. In a more modern mode we have seen close elections subjected to recount after recount. In each recount new votes for the Democrat are mysteriously 'found' and groups of ballots favoring the Republican candidate (such as absentee military ballots) are 'disqualified'. Al Gore, Chris Gregoire in Washington State, and the odious and unspeakable Al Franken in Minnesota all have disturbingly similar patterns pointing to a set of procedures that are triggered by close elections. The Republican's mistake is believing that a sense of civic responsibility, decency and respect for the law lie behind the actions of their opponents.

So now the Dems want to tweak a few rotten boroughs filled with winos, schitzos and illegal aliens all casting an absentee ballot for the appropriate Demo candidate by 'estimating' how big those 'undercounted' populations. This from the same crowd who told us that there were millions of homeless and that they were formerly middle-class families driven into the cold by the heartless Reagan policies. Crowds of freezing, ragged wretches who decently disappeared when Bill Clinton was president and never seemed to reappear even in the Dark Night Of Bush. Where did these hundreds of thousands of homeless go?

They never existed. Sure there are homeless people out there. Tens of thousands of them. Millions? I guess one opinion is as good as another unless you actually count them. But thats the opposite of what is being proposed now. We are just supposed to assume that the number that the geniuses in Washington decide on is correct. So a bunch of people who have shown their contempt for the integrity of the electoral system are going to give us apolitical and non self-serving 'estimates' of populations where inflated numbers serve their political interests?

I just went to see the movie 'Frost/Nixon' and was struck by the vindictive, nasty quality of the fake outrage. If you compare Nixon to Clinton the contrast is stark. Nixon's misdemeanors appear furtive and petty compared to the brightly lit felonies of the Clintons. Its OK to lie, its OK to take bribes, its OK to use the IRS to persecute people you dont like, its OK to copy secret personnel files and then dump the information in the media when you're in trouble, its OK to trump up felony charges against innocent White House employees, its OK to hamstring police and intelligence agencies who might be concerned at the amount of money from foriegn governments you are receiving, its OK to attack foreign countries for domestic political purposes and its OK to lie under oath to a federal district judge in a sexual harassment case.

The Dems have gone along with it all. They've abandoned any concept of honor or decency. The law is a joke to them; especially the US Constitution. One of their current manias is a complete violation of the First Amendment. Government control is proposed for the internet and talk radio. The skunks who are seriously talking about this are the most loathsome group of thugs and apparatchiks who have reared their heads this side of Caracas. It shows their contempt for the law and their contempt for the rights of others. They dont want to be held to account for the results of their policies. They know how much people are going to have to suffer for their high-falutin social engineering schemes. They know they have to create rotten boroughs, stuff ballot boxes with phony absentee ballots, and stifle any criticism so they can remain in power when the standard of living starts to drop like a rock.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Twenty years ago I was watching some science talk show on which some techno-savant predicted with certainty that in two decades people would have hundreds! of channels to choose from. Unlike most of the 'experts' that one sees on TV this guy turned out to be right. But TV channels are like lovers, if you have too many the experience becomes shallow and empty.

So last night, after my wife said goodnight and dragged herself off to bed I grabbed the remote and began to channel surf away from the channel where the flambouyantly gay men mince and chortle while walls are painted bright colors and on which curtains are coyly referred to as 'window treatments'. I surfed past History International's disgraceful 'FDR', a four-hour hagiography of one of America's worst presidents featuring so-called 'historians' like the goggle-eyed leftist Robert Dallek and Dolores 'dont quote me on that' Kearns Goodwin. Even this slobber-fest admitted at the end of the first two hours that FDR couldn't run on his economic record in 1940 because his misbegotten socialist policies (not described as such by the show, of course) had completely failed to have any good economic effect. "How could this be?" they asked. The Beloved Franklin had tripled taxes, greatly increased government spending and added tons of regulations, so what had gone wrong? Hmmm....

Surfing on from this mendacious mess I came to one of those channels showing infomercials. You know, the kind where the pitchman stands up and the zombie-like members of the rapt studio audience ask him admiring questions that allow the huckster on the podium to pontificate on the wonderfulness of the product.

HEY WAIT! This is CSPAN and that's Barak Obama doing a presser! But the convoluted reasoning was so facile and ridiculous that it just seemed like an infomercial. Watching BHO explain how a trillion dollars of incredibly wasteful federal spending would improve the economy was like listening to the Ultra-Slim guy telling you how molecules of fat are adhered to the magic formula as it passes by the pancreas and are magically expelled, leaving you slimmer without diet or exercise. Convoluted and unconvincing to say the least but delivered with great aplomb by a smiling snake-oil salesman, supremely confident of his miracle product.

But that's the way con-men work. You promise the chumps something thats free and easy, no diet or exercise involved, and you use the willing clods in the studio audience, paid actors or in this case the sycophantic press corps, to help create a sense of urgency. Because in any con you dont want the chumps to have time to think about what they're doing. Its always super super urgent. Act NOW! before its TOO LATE! Operators are standing by!

I saw a good example of it yesterday afternoon as I watched The Change Agent flog the legislative merchandise in a benighted burg named Elkhorn, Indiana. What is the main industry in this rural backwater? They manufacture Winnebagos or motor homes or whatever those lumbering, road-blocking monsters are called. Actually the hybrid-driving hippies here in the wealthy silk-stocking district I live in (represented ably in Congress by Henry Waxman) have other names for these hulking vehicles but they are not printable. Suffice it to say that these ultra-libs, like all ultra-libs are well over America's love affair with the automobile (except for their own, of course). Now, this Obama guy has appointed Carol Browner, our country's leading foe of individual automobile ownership, as his environmental advisor. He represents a party which, even during last summer's fuel crisis, refused to even consider drilling for domestic oil, or exploring ways to extract oil from shale or allowing tar sand oil from Canada into the country. These guys hate the internal combustion engine.

Did that bother those morons in Elkhorn, Indiana? Nope. They were jumping up and down with glee that the stimulus bill was going what? These eco-Stalinists are the sworn enemies of your community's main business you fat-faced fools! How much pork-barrel spending is it going to take to replace every job in your benighted city, you low-grade chumps? Where's the government going to get the money to do all that? Its not going to do all that. Its going to get the money to fund this and the many future monstrosities in the pipeline by printing it. There is no other way.

Thats because one particular group of suckers has been taking the amazing fat-stripping formula and are becoming concerned at the lack of results. We sometimes refer to these people as the 'international investment community'. Many of the most recalcitrant members of this community are also described as 'the Chinese Government'. These losers, already on the hook for hundreds of billions, are becoming nervous about this orgy of spending. They also are able to listen and clearly understand The Changeable One and take seriously his statement that this insane trillion-dollar nightmare of a pork-barrel spending bill is only the first of three! Three trillion dollars awarded by a pack of greedy, stupid, self-serving legislators to their friends and political cronies.

Its a recipe for total disaster. Now Obama is pushing the idea that this current contretemps is already a disaster. HA! You aint seen nothing yet. They blame Bush for the current mess, ignoring the role of the Democrats and the 'moderate' Repu-bi-cans in Congress (aka Stalinist flunkies). But there is much justice in the charge. The moribund Bush went along with every vote-buying, big government, party re-aligning scheme advanced by the cringing fatheads who inhabit the corpse of the Republican party, acquiesced in the sneaky trick which allowed the worst candidate in recent history to run at the head of that party whose rank-and-file despised his turncoat maverickosity and sat quietly and without complaint as the Dems completely dominated all political debate...leading to the election of this totally incompetent, empty- suited front man for Congressional rule.

It cant last forever. Listening to BHO's tendentious explanations of a bill he seemed to have no details of I wondered how long the lie can last, even in places as mentally incompetent as Elkhorn, Indiana. I listened to his twisted theories about how we can sit down with our Iranian friends and work out our differences and wondered how long it will take for our misunderstood Islamonazi peace partners to test their first nuke. They've already tested an intercontinental missile. Meanwhile this clown and his gawking cohorts just cut the missile defense system.

There will be a moment where this rhetoric will not work anymore, when the Elkhartians realize that they arent getting their old jobs back. Sure they'll get enough Food Stamps and unemployment insurance to keep them alive, the nationalized bank wont throw them out of their unheated house or the freezing Winnebago parked in the backyard, but it will be a cold, bleak substitute for the free, prosperous lives they threw away by voting this pack of socialist clowns into what probably will be permanent power. Post-industrial serfs in the New Dark Age Of Change.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fix The Wages!

Reading the classics is always rewarding. Just the other day I was reading 'I Claudius' and I read a really great line. It was where Claudius had just told Augustus power-mad, homicidal widow Livia that he wasn't allowed into the Senate session where Augustus was declared a god. Livia replied:

"They wont let me in because I'm an old woman and you because you're a fool but I always thought that the Senate was composed of nothing but old women and fools."

Now Graves probably lifted this line from Suetonius but this is the age of Dolores Kearns Goodwin so like, who gives a rat? The important point is when you compare this 2,000 year old remark with our current US Senate the premise of the statement still works.

Now dont be distracted thinking I might be some kind of sexist and that I'm referring to the likes of Barbara Boxer when I repeat a quote that describes some Senators as 'old women'. Nothing could be further from the truth. California's Trotskyite, mustachioed, dwarf (4' 9") Senator is not an old woman; she is an insane fool. The 'climate fixing' bill she is pushing will leave the non-Senatorial segment of the population of this country in grinding poverty for the rest of their lives when it passes.

'Old Women' is more apt in the case of those Senators, take Richard Lugar for example, who have neutered themselves in the face of the New Change Revolution and are eager to lend their bi-partisan imprimatur to leftist outrages like the one mentioned above. Didn't he vote for that Lilly Dinglehammer bill that opens up the last two centuries of employment to the litigation vultures in the name of gender pay equity? But as soon as the public caught on to the giant Congressional trillion-dollar stimulus swindle Lugar got cold feet and ran the other way, discovering a long-buried conservative streak in his trembling RINO heart. In fact I think I should apologize to regular old women, some of whom have more guts than anybody, that I had the nerve to use their proud appellation to refer to this sniveling girlie-man. Blame Livia, ladies, not me.

Meanwhile, below decks, Nancy and The Gang are beating the drum at a faster pace and whipping the hapless House Democrats, many only there as a result of Gerrymandering and ACORN phony ballots, to row at ramming speed toward the moribund wreckage of the US economy. While the Senators riot in alternating waves of panic and confusion up on the deck and Michele peels the seemingly detached BHO another grape in the Presidential Party Pad above the fray the direction is being determined by the completely ruthless Pelosi.

The extent of the Senate's ambitions was to propose the odiferous Uriah Heep of American politics, the slimy Tom Daschle, to be Commissar Of Health Care and Czar of HHS. What surer guarantee of fat consultancies and jobs for useless relatives of the Senatorial Class could there be? They didn't even notice that there was a giant conflict of interest caused by Daschle's $83,000 a month-type 'consultancies' with giant health-care conglomerates. They were genuinely shocked and outraged that anyone could question this guy's probity just because he 'forgot' to pay taxes on a few of his $83k paychecks (was he paid monthly or weekly?) and the chauffeur-driven limo that was thrown in for good measure. The overpaid and parasitic nature of the job itself would be bad enough to disqualify him in most people's eyes, let alone the unpunished tax evasion.

But what did he do wrong ask the Inside The Beltwanians? Isn't that what everyone in Washington dreams of? Its like people in Hollywood dream of getting $20 mil for six weeks of work on the set; with the screaming and the tantrums thrown in for free. Dont executives in every industry dream of the Big Bonus, the giant goose-egg of cash laid in their bank accounts regardless of company or personal performance?

But the Big O has the solution. Government wage controls. Its true, some people who read this blog before the election might be confused by my former conservative views but since then I've got my mind right. If the Lilly Dinglehammer Bill can open up all wages to de facto government control then lets do just that. Obama mentioned a $500,000 cap on all executive compensation and I'm backing him to the hilt! Lets strip those leftist foundations who avoided parking all their assets with Madoff of every penny in the name of equity. Lets level the morons who sucked up all this leftist rhetoric in college and thought that it applied to somebody else. At least poor people have the excuse that they're ignorant of the results of socializing the economy but that point is harder to make when you've got an MBA from Rutgers or Princeton.

"Listen, Meryl, bubbalah, I'd love to pay you 5 mill for your next flick, honest! But its against the law. Since you're in three films this year I can only offer you $165 thou..."

Those Hollywood dummies were the most fervent Bush-haters, the most zealous leftists, the most heartfelt Obama-enthusiasts and now Hollywood lays trembling in the path of a money-hungry State and Federal monster that will move to sack 'the Stars' obscene wealth in the name of equity like Alaric and the Visigoths looted the degenerate, wealthy ancient Romans. Lets use the $4.5 mil we dont pay to Meryl to help The Children.

This is just the beginning. A legislative wave of destruction more powerful than the tsunami that devastated Thailand and Sumatra is on the way to Obama's desk for his compliant signature. The Senate is currently 'fixing' the stimulus swindle by removing a couple of high-profile trivialities and larding it with a couplehundredbillion dollars more much-needed 'programs' and subsidies to those stumbling fools in left-wing advocacy groups and legal consultancies too slow-moving to get a line in the House bill. These shameless boneheads are presenting a picture of the most churlish selfishness and incompetence in a national emergency that could be conceived of; behaving as we always knew the Democrats would when they grabbed power. The snappy-suited doofus in the Oval Office is in on the swindle.

Thats ACORN-Democracy you chumps. And now its too late.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Bag Of hammers

"You boys are just dumber than a bag of hammers!" When George Clooney said that he wasnt talking about his fellow Democrats but the remark would have been very suitable if he had. Two weeks into the New Age Of Change the Democrats and their hapless leader have proven that without the political cover given them by George W Bush they stand revealed to one and all as a corrupt clique of totally selfish, incompetent socialist hacks.

It seems that to Nancy Pelosi economic stimulus is achieved by borrowing or printing a trillion bucks and handing it out to every Demo interest group in the country. There is not a single thing in this bill that that will do anything to effect the economy except the trillion-dollar price tag which will destroy the currency. The ugly reality of the greed and arrogance of the Pelosiites was such a shock that it completely unified the Republicans in the House and caused the bill to be passed without a single Republican vote. The public support for this monstrosity is melting away and the anger for its failure will be directed at the Democrats.

Meanwhile Obama goes out of his way to castigate Rush Limbaugh, a private citizen, in much stronger terms than Bush used against the New York Times when it undermined our country's war against the terrorists. The result of this was to define Rush as the leading expounder of the conservative agenda. When every word he says turns out to be true its not smart for Obama to focus attention on Rush. This bill is indefensible. Everyone, including the Dems, knows it. Limbaugh saying it at a critical moment focused the opposition to it. The mainstream media has so weakened itself that the storyline cant be controlled in the way that it was during the election. And now the truth has been revealed to the Republican politicians...the Dems mean to use ACORN and their pet unions to make their power permanent. If the Repubs dont fight they will be completely locked out of the system forever.

Now the Dems are intoning the mantra that CEO salaries and bonuses should come under government control. Good, I'm all for it. These same CEOs and executives that backed these socialists so enthusiastically and connived with these same hack politicians for subsidies, favorable regulations and fat-cat contracts have to put the tricolor cockade in their hats and yell "Vive la revolution!" with a smile on their face. Jeffery Katzenburg deserves to have his pay set at $400,000 a year...about a thousandth of his current reward him for his heartfelt support for the New Age.

Keep in mind that the Card Check Bill ( the Worker Freedom Act or some such Orwellian title) just was amended to include a provision that deadlocked labor disputes will be 'arbitrated' by a government board with the power to determine 'fair wages and conditions'. In Europe these boards have traditionally been packed with leftist zealots with zero experience working at a real job. Not such fiery Marxists that the larger, well-connected employers wont be able to reach out to them with a more ancient form of materialism than that envisioned by Marx, mind you, but still pretty harshly anti-business. So the principle of the government setting compensation in the name of equity is pretty much a given amongst our new masters. They'll raise worker salaries until the companies break and have to go crawling to the government for subsidies to protect all those jobs. Back door nationalization.

Obama also wandered into exciting new ground with his remark that businesses should forget about making a profit for a while for patriotic reasons. So losing money has now become virtuous. That'll jump-start the economy. That and a 99.9% pay cut ought to motivate those pesky CEOs to go out and create some jobs.

Now that he actually has a job where he's responsible for something meaningful we see that our current Illiniosian, except for his jug ears and long legs, is very unlike that other President from Illinios to whom he wants to be compared. We now have to settle down to a government run by some of the most deluded and egotistical people that any nation has ever been cursed with. They've studied history and economics with Ward Churchill and apes of his ilk and the century of socialist failure is unknown to them. How did a group of people so intellectually inadequate ever achieve power in a once-great nation? This is the fault of a completely ignorant electorate, a people no longer worthy to be citizens of a democracy. Now they'll be serfs in a tyranny run by a pack of dummies.