Monday, October 1, 2007

That's For Me!

So Miss Hilly wants to send every newborn kid a bond for $5,000 that they can use for their college education. That's great, since most people dont go to college. You'll be taxing the working class to subsidize the upper middle class. Redistributionist idiocy, if she was sincere, which she's not. The Dems win election by proposing an endless gravy train of free goodies-- all of them paid for by someone else, of course. Dont people understand that high taxes kill the economy and end any hope anyone has of bettering themselves by hard work?
I just hope that this program has the same level of scrutiny as the Earned Income Tax Credit or registering to vote in California, which is to say no scrutiny at all. I'll just fill out the form requesting that my triplets who were born at home get their $15,000 and then tragically announce that they died and were buried in my back yard.After all, the program isnt going to take it back just because the little sprogs only make it through their first week before they kick the bucket. Its a great cover story. Not that anybody's ever going to ask,the Lordly Program Giveth and it dont never Taketh Away. The moral of this story is clear, unless you are a complete hapless dummy just stop working and let the checks roll in. Cockney rhyming slang for being on the dole is 'on the rock and roll' and that's how it'll be when the Party Of Compassion takes over. All seven registered voters in my house (me, my wife, four cats and a goldfish) will be voting for this new program, and all the other free goodies that are bound to arrive!

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