Thursday, January 31, 2008

The McLame Mutiny

The sneering, superior smile even tightened the chicken wattles on his neck as snarky John McLame sat there at last night's debate trying to continue his lie about Mitt Romney's supposed support for timetables for withdrawal from Iraq. I guess the time that it used up was helpful to McLame because it was time that he didnt have to spend explaining things like the Gang Of Fourteen or giving Social Security handout checks to illegal aliens or any of the many other times this creep has stabbed his party and the country in the back. He comes across as your smug, superior Uncle Charley who thinks every word he says is infinitely right and is actually looked upon by all as a monumental pain in the butt. The idea that this aged, dessicated, snarling wreck of a candidate, at the head of the pack of lounge lizards who turned the Party Of Ronald Reagan into the Party Of Denny Hastert, has any chance of winning an election against Dennis Kook-Sin-Itch is wildly absurd; Clinton III or Obamarama will squash him like a bug. I will not be voting for him, even though I have voted for every Republican presidential candidate since 1972. Let the Moderates and Independants support this inferior candidate.

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