Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ahilla The Honey

I caught one of the Democratic debates last night, you know, the one where John Edwards wouldnt shut up. As though we tuned in to see his sculpted hair and his unconvincing smile!
He was talking like he was in a hostage video and as soon as he stopped he was going to get shot. Not very edifying. But who cares? he's toast. He never was anything anyway. The Harold Stassen of Socialism. He won the Iowa Primary eight years ago and since then nothing, nada, zilch.
He was hogging camera time from the good stuff. That Nice Minority Fellow and The Smartest Woman In The Universe. Now, before this debate both of these candidate's advisors stressed very emphatically that no matter how vicious its getting, the cause will not be served by outbursts. Be Nice. So there Obama and HRC were, trying to Be Nice. It was like a Bunuel movie. They HATE each other, they are madangryinsultedhumiliatedenragedlividunhinged at each other but their coaches have told them to Be Nice. So there they were. It was the political equivalent of the Jerry Springer Show (maybe Jerry could do the next debate). I was just waiting for the smile on one of them to snap as they moved from pointed irony to fisticuffs.
And its not about issues, baby! These two libs dont disagree on anything. The election of either ensures the downfall of Capitalism and the descent of the Socialist Night. No, what these two disagree on is who is a better person. Period.
So, lets stay tuned to what Rush Limbaugh calls 'The Clinton Soap Opera'. The Clintons might be corrupt, depraved threats to our nation's continued existence but they have always been four-star entertainment.

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