Monday, January 14, 2008

A Tasteful Discussion

Ah, the Clintons! They never lose their capacity to surprise. Their latest assault on The Obama Enemy has set the nation agog...aghast, actually. Well they were provoked. Bill Clinton was furious. It seems that The Obama Enemy implied that BJ was less than totally honest! How does this paragon of honesty respond to that sort of a canard? (Unless The Obama Enemy didnt actually imply anything of the sort and this is just part of BJ's ongoing LSD flashback which has caused so much mirth for the past couple of weeks.) If Diogenes were alive today he'd roll over in his grave.
This and other similar provocations have driven the Clintons into the most hideous piece of folly that they have committed in this gaffe-riddled monstrosity of a campaign. Sneering insinuations about The Obama Enemy's checkered youth done in a way that would leave the impression that they intend to make a case that he was into snorting or (gasp!) dealing coke. If it was everybody putting in so they could get a deal on some blow, that is not dealing. See, the Hillary mythos has told so many stories about the prodigious act of politically correct saintliness that was the wonderful youth of The Smartest Woman In The Universe that once we're in touch with The Obama Enemy's earthly youth we will see the folly of our 'fairytale' enthusiasms. Now if The Obama Enemy had been the governor of a small, backwater southern state and had a girlfriend who said that he used to snort coke with her when he was governor and that his brother was the supplier then I would say that he had a problem. I want the job doing opposition research for the Obama campaign. Talk about shooting ducks in a barrel. Obama could have rolled with the Crips and be cleaner than the Clintons.
Now they've gotten into some weird civil rights punch-up with The Obama Enemy. How can these aging hippies believe they can lead a coalition to victory in November after they've defeated a black candidate using a thinly veiled racial attack? They really think they can go negative. Its beyond appalling. It might have worked in the past but they cant do to The Obama Enemy what they did to Ken Starr or Newt Gingrich.
I cant believe they will win. Its impossible that people wont notice how ugly they are. It also answers the question as to whether Obama is qualified; if he's good enough to whip the Clintons he's doing something that much more 'experienced' men failed to do. He will be a formidable opponent. HRC will not.

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