Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last County Heard From

When someone poses the question,"Who was the worst American President of the 20th Century?" several names come up immediately.

Herbert Hoover's Smoot-Hawley trade war, stupid monetary policies and inept handling on the 1929 blowout in the market certainly would earn him a prominent place on the list. The traditional leftist historians would have ended the search here. But the feild, as we shall see, is filled with inept micromanagers like Hoover. Herbie had been in Calvin Coolidge's cabinet for the six years of Cal's presidency; Cal sarcastically called him 'Wonder Boy' and was quoted as saying, "That man has been suggesting ideas to me for six years, all of them bad."

Woodrow Wilson. Beloved of sniveling peace advocates everywhere. HL Mencken said his facial expression made him look like he was weaned on a pickle. He arrived into Europe like an Imperial Master, ready to dictate terms to the greedy degenerates who had just destroyed an entire generation of young men in a pointless war and promptly gave away the store, approving the Versailles Treaty (which virtually guaranteed WW2) in exchange for international cooperation in setting up the League Of Nations. Upon return to the US his high-handed arrogance alienated key Senators and ratification failed in the Senate. As he campaigned desperately across the country to gain public support he suffered a debilitating stroke, leaving him unable to concentrate or talk coherently for more than a few minutes at a time. The country was run by his wife Edith and his aide Colonel House for the last eighteen months of his term.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. What do you do when the economy goes south? You cut taxes, remove regulations, lower trade barriers and reduce government spending. What did Frankie do? Increased taxes in a steeply progressive way, enacted the most onerous regulations against business in American history before or since, kept and even raised trade barriers and implemented a vast expansion of government regulatory agencies and make-work programs.
The result, unemployment was the same 25% in 1938 that it was in 1933 when this genius and his 'brain trust' took power.
But Franklin was a foriegn policy disaster as well. His ugly and obnoxious Stalinist wife led a 'progressive' faction of radicals, some of whom were shown after the end of the Cold War to have been Stalinist agents. He recognized the Soviet Union at a time when they were engaged in a collectivization drive that caused the deaths and deportation of tens of millions of Russians and sent an ambassador (Joseph Davies) and some political cronies (the Hammers) who profited personally from this slaughter. He sent an ambassador to wartime Britain who was a notorious Anglophobe and a suspected Nazi sympathizer (Joseph Kennedy). He avoided making any commitments to Churchill until after Pearl Harbor and grudgingly sold supplies to England under the Lend-Lease program. Once we were in the war the supplies we had sold to England were dwarfed by the ocean of supplies we gave to Stalin. Roosevelt always considered British Imperialism more of a threat to humanity than Stalin's progressive state. As the war progressed Roosevelt, advised by Alger hiss, a Soviet agent, handed the helpless small nations of Eastern Europe over to Stalin, a slavery that was to last fifty years.
Ailing but still determined to run for a fourth term Roosevelt was stopped by the party bosses from running with Henry Wallace as his Vice Presidential nominee. Wallace was a member of the Eleanor faction and a Stalinist toady. The world was saved by a few Dem party bosses who forced Truman on the dying President.

Jimmy Carter 'Jimmy The Jerk'. The Cold War was reaching critical mass. The US self-inflicted defeat in Viet Nam had destroyed our credibility worldwide. The old system of alliances created by Eisenhower and reinforced by Nixon were crumbling. The Soviet Union was at the peek of its military strength and was expanding aggressively. Tens of millions were dying. Africa was a sea of fire with famine and bitter warfare sweeping the continent. Marxist dictators were depopulating whole regions. The South China Sea was filled with boats fleeing the Socialist paradise of Viet Nam and the killing fields in Cambodia were in full blast. The Cubans and Soviets were using poison gas against helpless civilians in Laos, Afghanistan and Ethiopia. Western Europe teetered on the brink of electing communist governments. Soviet naval bases at Cam Ranh Bay in Viet Nam, Socatra and Aden in South Yemen,Maputo in Mozambique, Luanda in Angola and Conakry in Guinea, lay astride the oil tanker routes from the oil states of the Gulf to the US and Europe. Carter's response? He called on us to overcome "our inordinate fear of communism"! He actively connived in the overthrow of longtime allies like the Shah Of Iran and local dictators in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. Other US allies took note. He cut the US military so that when he sent them on a desperate mission to save his worthless political hide, er, I mean rescue the hostages seized by his Islamofacsist buddies in Iran it turned into a total disaster.
Meanwhile, back at home his high-tax, anti-business left wing policies put the economy in the tank with high unemployment and raging inflation. He even made a speech accusing us of 'malaise', as though the present chaos was our fault and not his.
After he was booted out of office in a landslide this loser has trolled the world subverting the foreign policy of all subsequent presidents of both parties and sucking up to vicious left wing dictators wherever they can be found. This national disgrace certainly has a good claim to worstness.

WE HAVE A WINNER! Carter was hard to top but of course the lovable Bill Jefferson Clinton (BJ) is the man to do it! A stranger to the truth, a preening blowhard, a corrupt, greedy lawbreaker, an abuser of women, a complete disgrace to the office of the Presidency. He turned a blind eye to the rise of Islamic Terrorism as they attacked again and again, refusing several times to take custody of Osama Bin Laden. His only timid reactions to terrorism were on the day after he committed perjury on national TV and the day he was impeached for that perjury. Yes, we all got to see a sitting President raise his hand and swear to tell the truth in front of a Federal Judge and then lie like a rug. His receipt of unexplained millions in illegal 'contributions' from the Chicoms and the concomitant transfer of missile-aiming technology to our Red Chinese friends is only one of the appalling crimes that his aggressive, bullying , evasive political tactics have managed to sweep under the rug. His governance was characterized by administrative chaos and corruption; it was only after the Republican congressional landslide in 1994 (a total repudiation of Clinton and the Democratic congress) that any sanity came into the budgeting and tax processes. The credit for these policies, opposed vehemently by the Clints, was promptly claimed by them as soon as they were seen to have succeeded. And that is the key to BJ's title as the worst, his blantant and compulsive dishonesty. Now we're moving toward Clinton III, the Hilly years and this embarassing disgrace and The Little Woman are barnstorming the country, lying, trashing Obamarama and alienating blacks in the Democratic Party. They have shown that no hypocrisy is too blatant, no smear is too revolting for these political hyenas with their insatiable appetite for power and attention. BJ is the worst President of all time because if Clinton III happens, bringing this lawless and angry couple and their raft of left wing barmicides into power, the survival of our nation as a free country is in more jeopardy than it has ever been.

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