Thursday, January 10, 2008

PAY UP! Jerkinator

"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today will propose a spending plan that cuts virtually every function of state government to close a $14.5 billion budget gap.

The plan asks lawmakers to close state parks and beaches, release prisoners, dramatically pare school funding, reduce Medi-Cal health services to the poor and reduce aid to the low-income blind, elderly and disabled."

Sacramento Bee

Hey, I dont give a crap about all those people because I'm a selfish crotchety conservative. Stop sniveling you LOSERS! But even in the most rigid philosophy there has to be a little bend, I mean, nobody's 100% of anything, are they?
OK, with that said, I think I'll be a bit more bi-partisan than usual. I am now going to talk like a Democrat. I applied for Unemployment six weeks ago and have yet to see a check. I've contacted my useless State Representative and got no results. The UI phones, normally jammed, now just give you a recording saying that the recent broken levies screwed them up so they are not answering their phones and that calling and faxing will just make everything more screwed up so dont do it!
Now all those other recipients, the blind, the elderly, etc. are just parasites with their wrinkly old hands out, just taking, never giving. I'm talking about people in America's strategically important film industry, laid low by a Writers Strike that we didnt ask for. Do you want Mexican TV shows streaming across our unguarded southern border (well OK, MORE Mexican TV shows) and dubbed into English so that our own American editors, PA's, directors, sound technicians and grips will end up standing outside of Homo Depot hoping for day labor?
I was a Republican up to now but I bet getting free money, I mean, my Human Rights,will be easier in an Obama Administration or during the Golden Years of Clinton III. I'm sick of the greedy capitalists living it up, watching the shows people like me worked and slaved over, sometimes for as little as fifty dollars an hour, and not caring about the starving helots that amuse them so.
So lets fix this before the budget video shelves at Wal-mart are filled with Korean Soap Operas and cartoons from the Czech Republic and America's strategically vital leadership in the cartoon industry is just dumped in the trash.

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Arkay 2.4 said...

Cut isn't cut, it's a form of reduction on spending in respect to rate of increase. State of CA is spending just as much money as they have spent before.

This is what "cut" means in govt. Cut = Lowering the rate of growth, usually temporarily like a single year.

California's resident number is shrinking yet the spending per citizen is increasing due to incessant demands of people who have need for entitlements. Govt never do with less.

Go look at the 2000 Budget of CA and compare it to budget of 2007 or 2008...