Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Barroom Brawl

Well, Mutt Romney is now the frontrunner. South Carolina will finish either Huckster-Bee or McLame, possibly both. These first inconclusive contests, tailor-made for each of the candidates who won them, have only served to audition the crowded field and eliminate, one by one, the unacceptable candidates. Hopefully, Thompson will win in SC. That is somewhat unlikely but with talk radio attacking the Huckster and McLame Thompson becomes the Southern Conservative closest to the base of the SC party, I would suspect. Huckster-Bee's refried Carter routine going bad will put a lot of the most conservative voters into play. The kind of voters that might look askance at Mutt's Slick Yankee Businessman persona and be charmed by Fred's down-home style. This campaign has been so chock-full of surprises that a Thompson upset would be just be continuing a series of amazing twists and turns on both sides. Could these be the first open conventions of our lifetime?

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