Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Et Tu Brute!

In an unending series of electoral disasters, where her lock-solid majorities have vanished like a desert mirage Miss Hilly-Belle has had to face an unimagined reality as the formerly terrorized grovelers and abettors in the Democraptic party have turned on her, one by one, destroying Bull Clinton's argument that Obamarama was only a Jesse Jackson-like Negro Phenomenon. The latest were Caroline and Fat Teddy, bestowing the 'Camelot' seal of approval on Obamarama. The last weeks have been characterized by one Dem hack or leftist media figure after another attacking Bull Clinton and the Lil Gal for turning the verbal fire hoses and sicking the political attack dogs on the peaceful, non-violent Obamarama. I've seen, just from the reaction of my wife and her friends, the core Hillary constituency, the shift from Hilly to Obamarama because of the perceived misbehavior of the Clinton Crime Family. The Kennedy endorsements really cost the Clints. Apparently, Fat Teddy phoned Bull Clinton and told him to dial down the race-baiting. When he didnt the Kennedy's tossed the Clints off the bridge.
Now we contemplate the final betrayal. Who hates the Clintons more than the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? More than the used and abused flunkies in the media? More than the apologizers and mess cleaners in the Dem party? The guy who lost the Presidency because of his enabling of the Clint's misbehavior but who won the Nobel Peace Prize that Bull Clinton has always lusted for. Algore. His Global Warming mythology is the Holy Grail to Planned Government-Run Economy Socialist Fatheads everywhere. If he were to endorse Obamarama that would be the end of the Clints. Please Al, do something right for once....

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