Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Comeback Kid

So enough mental defectives voted for John McLame to keep him viable. What a drag. This shows the lack of imagination or guts by any of the other candidates. A sample anti-McLame ad would go like this:

His McLame-Kennedy Amnesty Bill caused a wave of rage in the country. The switchboards were jammed with your calls and the Senate retreated.
His McLame-Feingold 'campaign reform' silenced Pro-Life groups, empowered George Soros and MoveOn.Org and damaged the Republican Party while it violated the First Amendment.
He was one of the two Republican Senators who voted with Harry Reid against the Bush Tax Cuts.
His Gang Of Fourteen betrayal kept conservative judges off the bench.
He supports ACLU lawyers for terrorists.
He is not a conservative.
Dont vote for a liberal maverick, vote for a conservative Republican.

This isnt rocket science. Mutt Romney just couldnt pull it off, probably because he's not really a conservative either. Why didnt Fred do it? It makes me doubt them all. The next Ronald Reagan is just the guy that says conservative things without having to consult his position papers. These guys are too careful and too overproduced. Drop the strategy and be real and you will win.

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