Saturday, January 5, 2008

Holy Crap!

What if she wins? It could happen. After all, New Hampshire has a law that says that everybody who shows up at the polls and says they intend to live in NH gets to vote. The motor coaches with the free bottles of tokay ought to be pulling up at skid rows all over New England Tuesday morning. Maybe older women will lock their Obama-enthused brats in the basement, walk past their Republican husbands and go out there and make magic happen. What happens to Chris Matthews after She takes power? What happens to all the high falutin' libs that kicked the Clints when they were down? The only time these guys ever forget anything is when they're under oath in front of a prosecutor. You know Tim Russert just got a letter from his life insurance company canceling his policy. Clinton III- The Revenge Years.
The Clints have been mistaken for dead many times. Could it be real? I dont know how to say this... I've said that I was a conservative, see its like this... I MISS THEM ALREADY!!

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