Monday, January 7, 2008

The Agent Of Change

I was stuck in New Hampshire the other day. I wanted to get on a bus but it cost $1.65. I only had two dollar bills and the local merchants were refusing to give bus change. Fortunately the Clinton Campaign was coming down the street so I fought my way to the front and asked Mrs. Clinton to help me out. "Why certainly," said she, as I handed her my dollar and she handed me three quarters, two dimes and a nickel. "I've been making change for years! Look at my record!" I thought about that, and about how Obama told me to get lost when I wanted to break a five to buy a coke at a vending machine a couple of days ago. She really does make change just like she says. If I was a Democrat and was confronted with two ideologically identical candidates I'd be thinking about the fact that Mrs. Clinton is surely the candidate of change. I guess Barak's excuse is that his economic policies will cause bad enough inflation to make a coke cost $5 in a vending machine, solving my problem.
By the way, the Republicans were no help, either. Hucky told me to pray for change and see what God sends, Rudy told me to invest my two dollars in a hedge fund and withdraw the profits in coins, Fred Thompson was asleep and John McLame told me to compromise with the Democrats and when we split the difference take what was left and get on the bus. Mutt Romney was too upset so I didnt bother him. He's probably broke anyway after spending all his money on his dead-end campaign.
Well, the bus is pulling up. Gotta go.

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