Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Nightmare Election

John McLame is sliming Mutt Romney in Florida. The Clints played the race card in South Carolina against Obamarama. McLame could possibly get enough delegates with his 35% showings in the primaries to win the nomination. The Clints might be able to bludgeon enough soap-opera watchers and party hacks into voting for her and BJ to drag her bleeding political corpse over the finish line. What will we have then? Two candidates who are totally unacceptable to huge voting blocks in their own parties will be battling it out. McLame has had to completely ignore the angry conservatives in his party and pretend that he's changed some of his views, but this, combined with his nasty, unethical behavior, his aged aspect and his snarky, dull campaign style have conservatives all over the country vowing to sit this one out. By the time this is done appearing in a black neighborhood wearing a Clinton campaign button will be an act of bravery, given the level of anger at the tactics of The First Black President.
So there they will be! Two incredibly damaged and unpopular candidates running as representatives of a Washington Inside-The-Beltway establishment universally despised by decent Americans on the Right and the Left. Clinton would have the advantage as she is the purveyor of Free Goodies! What will lib McLame's response be, Less Free Goodies!? That's a winner. I think it would turn into a mugging worse than 1996, everyone voting against a candidate so old, nasty and worthless that his mere appearance on the ballot is an insult to the voter.
Clinton III will ensue. The Power Couple will cross the threshold of the White House toting an enemies list crowded with the names of the Dems and Libs that stabbed them in the back on what was supposed to be a march to a coronation. One could paraphrase Tiberius in 'I Claudius'; "I'll open Washington's bowels as if she gorged herself on pigs for a month!", Miss Hilly will surely opine, to the grinning agreement of her demented, hate-crazed hubby. The libs better make sure they settle her hash in the primaries or they're in for some nervous times.
The biggest casualties of this will be the hapless people of this country, firmly in the hands of the elitist managerial class that has been stripped of its common sense and filled with situational ethics by their Ivy League educations, dying to get the economy by the neck in the name of Global Warming and Fairness. The yells of protest will be squashed and the dark night of Socialism will descend.

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