Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh Bushy, Why?

You know, a couple of weeks back, when Dubya had Pelosi and Reid humiliated and groveling at his feet, troops funded, a few earmarks curtailed, I actually found myself liking the guy again. Someone at the White House must have noticed that their poll numbers were rising amongst conservatives. Alarm bells must have rung. If the conservatives are starting to like us a little we must be doing something wrong! Legacy, legacy, legacy! What to do to convince conservatives to drop their ill-found admiration and return to the snarling sense of betrayal of the last couple of years?
Mid East Peace. What could be more disturbing to any conservative than sucking up to bloodthirsty islamic terrorists? So there Bushy was, with the oddly-shaped head of the cretinous Ehud Olmert in tow, proposing that international welfare recipient Mahmood Abbas would have his bantustan on the West Bank enlarged at the expense of Israel in return for an end to terrorism. As though anybody in any terrorist group would listen to Abbas any longer than it would take to cash his subsidy check and get back to work making homemade rockets and attacking the group down the street. The Palestinians have only one non-negotiable political aim- Israel Gone, Jews Dead. Bushy looked like a fool who was desperately chasing a legacy point.
Crawling To The Wahabis. OK, you didnt drill in ANWR, you havent built any nuclear power plants, you've helped prevent ethanol imports and have backed domestic ethanol subsidies, you havent been in favor of any domestic oil exploration and you have spouted Global warming nonsense. That's your energy legacy. So crawling to the repulsive oil sheiks, who depend on us for their survival (surrounded as they are by hungry predators only dettered by our military presence), is very distasteful. If he had fought for ANWR in 2003 the oil would be coming on line NOW, lowering world prices.
Now he's back in the country and what is he doing? STIMULUS PACKAGE! Oh Boy! This is the best. He's going to work with the hysterical losers in Congress to stimulate the economy. They're going to send everybody in the country a big chunk of CASH! Except, of course, the wealthy (AKA taxpayers who actually pay taxes). Redistributionism at its worse. Inflationism at its worse. People that get the Earned Income Tax Credit and Food Stamps are getting a raise! Anything the Dems support has to be wrong. Isnt there enough bad paper floating around already?
Intervening in the credit markets. So people who were using teaser loans to buy houses that they rented out and then flipped as prices rose are getting a bailout because the market went south on them? Poor people that used teaser-rate loans to buy houses that they could never pay the full rate on in the first place are getting evicted when the real rate kicks in. This calls for government price-controls and intervention in the mortgage markets, according to our Compassionate Conservative.
So again it turns out that the people most opposed to Bush are conservatives, like the one pictured above. How did this happen? Where did we go wrong?

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