Friday, February 1, 2008

The Revocation Has Arrived

I must be a masochist. I watched as much of the Democraptic 'debate' last night as I could stand but I turned it off before I started having conniption fits. What a stark future is in store for our country. The debate was about which of these losers had the ability to implement the extreme Socialist agenda the fastest. The coming Dem landslide will probably be as huge as the LBJ victory in 1964, carrying giant majorities in the House and Senate along with the White House. That means that all the Federal district judges and appellate court justices that were blocked by the Gang Of Fourteen will be quickly filled with the same extreme Radical basket cases appointed by BJ or Carter, with no opposition from the comatose and nearly-defunct Republican minority. The Chamber Of Commerce types that have merrily destroyed the party with their selfish greed and their support of the worthless McLame will be the first to feel the knout as the concept of private property is totally abandoned. The fat middle-class chipmunks that put Clinton III or Obamarama in office will notice a gigantic surge in crime as Three Strikes laws are thrown out and the life sentences of psychotic criminals are commuted in the name of racial fairness and equity. Economy-crushing, ever more steeply progressive taxes will be levied on the wealthy people who were stupid enough to think that their support for The Dems would shield them from the deluge. If you have substantial assets and you're not moving them offshore now YOU ARE A FOOL. The Jacobins are about to push the Girondins out of power. Sharpen the blades. Idiots that think that there is safety investing in gold should read 'Gulag Archipelago' to find out how a ruthless socialist state deals with gold horders. Talk Radio is high on the enemies list and will be suppressed immediately under the Robespierre or Robespierrette Administration. If it is Clinton III, those media bigwigs and former Clintonoids who jumped ship for the Obamarama Campaign will be in hot water. Maybe it will be like Romania under their socialist government,if you're on the enemies list one day your power will shut off and your phone will stop working and you'll never be able to find the proper bureaucrat to get them turned on again. Or better yet, your 'free' medical care will become hopelessly snarled in red tape while you gasp in pain like a stray dog in the street. Looming over a Clinton III administration will be the red-faced and angry BJ, free to bore the crap out of anybody he decides to regale, a sort of Madame Mao on steroids, or should I say Viagra? Maybe he could be like Castro or Hugo Chavez and give us a nice three or four hour chat on every station from time to time. No one will have the temerity to not pay rapt attention. The contempt that all libs, but especially the Clints, have for the law and the constitution will finally be able to run amok without restraint.
Overseas our precipitate withdrawal from the Middle East will engender chaos as the friendly pro-Western regimes are torn to pieces by the ruthless Islamonazis. The oil will stop flowing. Then our Islamonazi friends will come to realize that our dependence was mutual; they gave us energy we gave them food, however at that point it will be too late, our floundering nation will be unable to effect events anywhere. Probably China and India will wage proxy wars over what is left of the Middle East. The collapse of Europe's energy supplies will leave them unarmed and totally vulnerable to the predators that surround them and live in their midst. The aged and infertile remnants of 'Old Europe' will disappear as Islamic Republics emerge in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Russia in the decades to come. As soon as the oil stops flowing the cradle-to-grave welfare states will cease to exist. A standard of living not seen since the nineteenth century will become the norm.
All these consequences flow from the implementation of the ideas I heard on that podium last night.

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