Thursday, January 3, 2008

Elmer Gantry vs. Mr. Happyjive

Well the caucii have concluded. What a result! Whatever happens in the next ten months if this finishes The Clinton Crime Family it will have been well worth it. That particular breed of snake is hard to kill but it doesnt look like she has the political skill to pull out of the nosedive generated by her inability to do an interview with a non-pet journalist. But if I was to guess, she is finished. Now lets watch the rats desert the sinking ship.
The inside-the-beltway bunch thinks that the dead-man-walking candidacy of liberal John McLame has gotten some kind of a shot, not realizing that 15% is not his base but his maximum. The sagging chicken waddles of Gang Of 14 Amnesty Boy are not what anybody would want to put up against the glowing photogenic smile of Fresh Faced Non-Threatening Minority Cool Dude.
Obama is developing a charismatic aura. The film director John Waters once said that true celebrity is like being in drag as yourself and Obama overemotes just enough to work.
Thompson- broke Busted And Disgusted. Out.
Paul- A chronic disease. Lots of money and crazy followers so he will inhabit the fringe as long as he wants. If he gets a couple of delegates the RNC should make sure his speech to the convention occurs at 3am and there is a regrettable failure of the media feed so this embarrassment doesnt lose us the election like Buchanan's ravings did in '92.
Dodd- Gone.
Biden- Gone.
Richardson- Gone.
Edwards- Crippled, soon to be gone. He needed a win and he didnt get it. Obama will scoop up his supporters.
Romney- Heads into the reef in New Hampshire where inexplicably there seems to be a whole bunch of people whose senile dementia is so far advanced that they confuse McLame with a Republican. The funny thing is that as Mitt more and more obviously was not going to be the one I started getting a kind of liking for the guy. Cabinet officer in the Rudy Regime.
Huckster-Bee. His slimy populism is just another word for liberalism. The more I see this phony, insincere opportunist the less I like him. He's effective on free TV if not too hard pressed but lets see him in a one on one with the only remaining viable candidate.
Giuliani. OK Rude Boy, it is only you that stands between a nefarious, dishonest Man From Hope and the nomination. This is where the large-state Super Tuesday strategy is going to be put to the test.

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