Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oscar Crisis

Watching all the NH Primary blather cant drive the important things from my mind, as it shouldnt. The Writer's Strike has already canceled the Golden Globes, much to my wife and daughter's chagrin. We are movie people, my daughter even has a movie blog site. We see a lot of movies and await the awards outcomes enthusiastically. I'm in the TV Academy and vote on the Emmy Awards and sometimes serve on the selection committees. I won an Emmy last year. Award shows matter at my house. But as I sat sweating and writhing in my seat at the Emmy Awards last year I realized something, I like the awards but I HATE the award shows. Everybody does. Its been a long time since I found John Stewart or Robin Williams even remotely funny. Ellen DeGeneris can be funny, but never is at the Oscars. Its all shlock and shmaltz. I especially hate the speeches; those sniveling, brown nosing tributes to studio executives and relatives.
So the writers might have done us a favor. The thing that most people tune in to the Oscars for is to watch the actors walk up to the cameras and answer a few questions. What are the women wearing? How do they all come across? That's what people want to see, not some idiotic and endless dance number. So have the ceremonies, just dont televise them. Let the stars walk up the red carpet go inside and report the results as they're announced. The only losers are the network and the people who would have been hired to do the show. Screw em. We can still have our Oscar parties and yell in agony as our favorite movies are bypassed.

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