Monday, January 14, 2008

Poor Edwards- Quo Vadis?

Politics is so sad. Yes, OK, these A-Type egotists are just asking to be humiliated and its usually a whole lot of fun watching your favorite obnoxious leftists eat humble pie as they are ground under the tracks of the Clinton Panzer Assault. Who is more deserving of total humiliation than John Edwards, with his refried War On Poverty rhetoric? Laura Ingram's 'Silky Pony' and Rush Limbaugh's 'Breck Girl' with his overstyled hair and precious body language has been an irritation as he tried to exploit his wife' cancer for his own self-aggrandizement (which cast the quickly hushed-up female staffer with a big belly in a very unflattering light). He's slicker than owl shit.
But where do sexually ambiguous, overstyled, camera-loving, mincing egotists go when their presidential campaigns collapse? The House And Garden Network! HGTV!
OK, here's the concept. It borrows from those HGTV shows where potential house buyers are walked through various houses and coo over the layout and the hardwood floors, or the shows where the fixup specialists help the clueless homeowners ready their homes for sale.
In this show the tenant leads John and the camera crew through their rented slum pad, pointing out the health hazards and code violations, rats scurrying and cockroaches scuttling up the cracked wallboard.
Now here's the genius part. Instead of calling in the smiling fix-up crew and setting the place to rights they SUE THE OWNER! Then they take the settlement money (or whats left after the generous fee for Silky Pony's valuable help) and go out and purchase a phat crib in the burbs, next to some hapless retired couple. Each episode ends with the speakers bumpin' and the party ragin' , pulling in the MTV demographic.

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