Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Straight Talk Express

Who are they? How did they get so confused? I've asked it before and I'll ask it again. What would drive someone who rejects the outright Socialism of the Democrats to have any interest in a guy who served as a Democratic butt-boy in the Senate? His egomaniacal maverickistic maunderings played into liberal hands again and again and served to make the Republican majority in the Congress ineffective and meaningless. Its the same rule that says, if you vote for a lying, bribe-taking, law-breaking crook like Hillary Clinton then you should stop complaining about dishonest government; if you vote for a proto-liberal, volcanic-tempered, snarky, chicken-wattle-necked, life-long Washington insider who believes that the government needs to control the economy so they can fix the weather then you should stop complaining when that same government steals all your money and mandates what kind of light bulb you can use or what kind of oil the potato chips you buy at 7/11 are cooked in. The creeping liberal disease has come close to paralyzing the brain of what was formerly a free country; soon we will be mired in a declining Euro-Trash Welfare State cocoon that will only be ripped apart when the Visigoths appear outside the walls.

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