Monday, January 21, 2008

The Goddess Of Plenty

I'm watching the Demo Debate on CNN. I fills me with shame and horror that there are people that would vote for Hillary Clinton. She is strident, mean , nasty and dishonest. But besides that all three of them are absolutely appalling on the issues. High more steeply progressive taxes, industries either nationalized or regulated into a quasi-nationalized state, a rapid retreat in the Middle East, handing that source of oil over to predators with no love for us ; a complete disaster in the making. The Carter years will seem mild by comparison. This horrible disaster cant happen. In the background are the trembling financial markets. The entire picture might be radically different in two or three days. The inept Keynesianism that is presented as a paliative has been rejected by the world financial markets. After listening to Hillary Clinton tell how she is going to subsidize and regulate the mortgage crisis away my head was spinning. How can educated people not know the unbroken record of failure that these actions have? In everything that these guys have discussed they just assume that they can reach into a limitless pool of money generated by the punitive tax increases that they propose. I've lost respect for Barak Obama; he just sat there while Hillary attacked him for taking money from lobbyists! How about that. And he just sat there without bringing up the unending campaign-funding scandals that follow the Clintons around like the flies that follow anything so ripe and dessicated.
I cant watch anymore. Time for Jeopardy.

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