Friday, January 18, 2008

The Chthonian Conservative

We've all come to love Fred Thompson. He is great in the debates, especially when he's smacking Huckster-Bee and McLame around. He is the most consistently conservative of all the candidates, the only problem is the worry that he will be a moribund, Rutheford B Hayes placeholder, immobile in the face of a Democratic earmark party in the congress. Well, somebody woke him up in South Carolina. He's got the talk radio wind at his back and word is he's making a splash. Oh please make it true! If he takes out McLame or Huckster-Bee that would be awesome. He can do it, too. You cant get that kind of air time from guys like Rush and The Great One (Mark Levin) without it turning a few heads. Enough heads? We'll see. This will be an interesting test of the relative power of talk radio as opposed to the mainstream press, which unanimously backs McLame and throws a few bones to Huckster-Bee; anything to avoid an actual conservative candidate taking on The Smartest Woman In The Universe or Non-Threatening Minority Guy. Can you imagine a debate between Fred and Her Thighness? They're already stockpiling onion oil back at Clinton Crime Family Headquarters in case the soccer broads need another attack of spurious lubriciousness to get them choked up.
So the candidate described in this blog as 'comatose' and 'Frog-like' (chthonian) has a shot at the Big Enchilada after all. Hop to it, Frog Man.

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