Saturday, January 5, 2008


OK, I dont agree with Barak Obama on ANYTHING! He is as far to the left as all the rest. If he gets elected I will be opposing every thing he does and be yelling at my TV set every day (well, I guess I do that no matter who's in office). We'll be able to put every worn-out Socialist nostrum to the test... or to another test since we've had thirty years experience with these same policies in Western Europe. And what was the result there? Negative economic growth, shredding social fabric, birthrates so low that many nations that have existed for thousands of years are heading towards extinction, collapsing health care systems, traditions forgotten, crime soaring, double-digit unemployment especially among the aggrieved immigrants who are replacing the unborn children of the aging Euros. Do we want to commit national suicide by embracing the same tenets of governance?
But thats the reality, the dream is different. The dream is the one that I worked for when I was thirteen years old and me and my friend Howard volunteered for the LBJ campaign. Civil Rights. It has taken nearly half a century for a black person to run for president without anyone saying," hey wait a minute, you guys are kidding". Most people fifty years ago did not think black people were capable of rising this high. People thought black people were inferior. Most white people never had anything to do with black people. Then after the Civil Rights revolution black people became scary. The stereotype moved to criminal and also to belligerent, touchy, bad manners. People were really angry about affirmative action. But as people mixed together at work and at school, when black people stopped being a concept and took on a day to day reality those attitudes disappeared except for chronically angry souls.
An amazing transformation of a nation but a timely one. The American Dream used to be a white dream but the decolonized and interconnected world is no longer a white world. Its a media world. People all over the world look to this country as a symbol of freedom and the ability of anyone to achieve a happy life. That this applies to non-white people keeps this dream alive. The degenerate Euros clutch their unsustainable Welfare States and sneer at America but people in Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, China and Brazil know better. Talk to someone who has escaped some hellish African regime (there are plenty of them in LA) and ask them about America if you doubt my word.
When Barak Obama stands up as a credible candidate for the presidency I feel pride in my country, a country that set out to be better and became better. This is why we are the greatest country on earth. We are Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty, We're Free At Last.

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