Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nuke The Towelheads!

I was listening to Hugh Hewitt interview John Podhoretz on his radio show the other day. Podhoretz made the point that the Islamonazi regime in Iran was continuing their nuclear program, despite the disinformation to the contrary (that was welcomed with such Hosannahs by the Useful Idiots on the left), and that if we dont move soon to stop it we will be confronted by the spectre of nuclear conflict in the Middle East with tens of millions of deaths and total chaos in a strategically vital area. The towelheads nuking each other, so to speak.
So now its down to brass tacks. Podhoretz solution was to attack the nuclear facilities. Thats not enough. A limited attack that leaves the Islamonazi regime still standing invites a long, bloody confrontation, one in which the Straits Of Hormuz are effectively closed to tanker traffic; the jugular vein of the world economy could be slashed by a few suicide bombers in cheap speedboats. Any attack should be aimed at taking out the regime AND destroying their nuclear capability by not only targeting the facilities themselves but also the homes , families and persons of the scientists and workers in those facilities. The attack should include strikes to destroy the Revolutionary Guard bases and kill as many of them as possible; it should be aimed at the communications and secret police capabilities so that the regime is unable to coordinate any response to civil unrest;any air defense capability should be destroyed along with any missle bases: the refinery and oil pumping capabilities of Iran should be paralyzed creating an instant shortage of gasoline; any Iranian naval facilities in or around the Straits should be pulverized. This should be done in a lightning strike that is not telegraphed by any warnings or appeals for permission from international organizations. The cowardly and hapless Bush Administration is probably not capable of such a resolute action. Too bad. A strike like this, where no more than a couple of hundred bombs would be necessary, would leave a crippled and much-weakened regime unable to respond to any domestic unrest and would lead to it being toppled, while our capability to respond to any counterattack would remain virtually limitless and unpredictable by the enemy. The only civilians targeted would be those working to endanger tens of millions of their fellow humans and members of a murderous and psychotic government. If this were accomplished quickly it would not only remove one of our most dangerous opponents it would also underline the perception that we are able to determine and act resolutely in our national interests. Of course there is a large element of risk involved in this. The longer that the Islamonazi regime can survive the more likely Russia and China will be to take actions to support it. The likelihood that the Straits Of Hormuz will be closed for a short time is high, creating an energy panic and severe economic repercussions, especially among our craven, cowardly 'allies' in Europe who can be counted on to yell loudly and wring their hands about unilateral actions. The ultimate effect, however, would cancel out any short-term costs. Lawless governments would realize that aggressive confrontation with the US could result in actions that would cause their overthrow at the hands of their own people, the worst nightmare of every illegitimate regime where a small clique rules by violence. Energy prices would fall drastically.The costs of supporting terrorism would be shown to be unacceptably high.
I dont think this will happen. The risk-averse beurocrats of the West will allow Iran to acquire nukes and probably stand by while they use them to start a nuclear war against Israel, provoking a retaliation that will cause tens of millions of deaths in the Muslim world and release a cloud of nuclear fallout that will blanket the world.

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