Thursday, January 10, 2008

DONT Give Peace A Chance!

A sign of decline in our society is the obsession with peace for its own sake. A misguided characterization of the vicious murderers who have consistently been thrust to the leadership of the Palestinian people as potential 'Peace Partners' underlies decades of misguided 'peacemaking' by American presidents eager to show the world that the sheer force of their goodness and brilliance will bring the Israelis and Palestinians together and 'work out their differences'.
Now Israel is cursed with a 'leader' who is so misguided, corrupt, weak-minded, egotistical and foolish that he seems to be playing along with this errant nonsense. Ehud Olmert would be considered a weak Prime Minister of Denmark; he is as squishy as any of the spineless, crawling nematodes that fester in the rotting ruins of the European Community. Unfortunately spineless, crawling European nematodes are the ones that hand out Nobel Peace Prizes-- you know, like the one Ronald Reagan didnt get for winning the Cold War and freeing hundreds of millions of people by lifting the curse of communism from a benighted world. Alas, RWR was addicted to that neanderthal concept of 'winning' and so was disqualified.
But Bushy must be eating magic mushrooms if he thinks the EuroTrash elite think any better of him than they did of Reagan. He should consider the havoc wrought by the last legacy-chaser's misguided attempt at peace; a five-year-long wave of suicide bombers blowing themselves up in shopping malls, pizza parlors and weddings, killing hundreds. The mentally disturbed bombers were turned into heroes to inspire the raging and bloodthirsty youth of the Palestinian Territories. The slaughter was only stopped by Ariel Sharon's barrier wall, which was universally denounced by the international elites, including President Bush.
Another horribly misconceived effort was the Condi Rice-sponsored 'free elections' in Gaza. This led to several years of continuous fighting between rival terrorist groups and a wave of executions and terrorist acts directed at Palestinians by Palestinians. Gaza and the West Bank have become bantustans checkerboarded with armed militias giving vague allegiance to the bigger political parties so they can receive a small cut of the aid that the witless Westerners provide to the people that scream for the downfall of the West every day. This is actually a status quo that everybody can live with. The Palestinians taking out their homicidal impulses on each other in their increasingly forgotten backwaters is OK with just about everybody.
The idea that this totally disfunctional society, whose daily prayer is for the destruction of Israel and the death of all the Jews that live there, is in any way willing or able to sign even the most meaningless agreement is ludicrous. There is not a solution at the moment. There might not be for a long time.
So why is Bush doing this? Is he thinking about the coalition that seems to be forming in the Arab world out of fear of Iran? The emerging victory in Iraq is having an effect and underlines the fact that the US is the only credible protector of the Arab oil wealth from a growing list of hungry predators, most especially the hated Shi'ite regime in Iran. One has to tremble in fear for the Arabs and the Israelis if the American presidency is won by the Democrats, whose strategic vision verges on nitrous oxide lunacy.
So Bush will make a little noise, maybe lean publicly on Olmert for some meaningless statement to satisfy the Saudis and the Gulf oil sheiks and then head for Riyadh, or wherever he goes next, but he seems to actually believe the nonsense he speaks...the curse of credibility.

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