Monday, January 28, 2008

The Bridge To The Future!

OK, Barak was just taking reasonable precautions for someone who's hanging with The Chappaquiddick Kid. I never thought that Fat Teddy would ever make me smile, but the day has arrived. Karma has finally caught up with the Clintons! After all those years of enabling their bad behavior, their lies and their nastiness the Democrats are finally opting for an honorable alternative. An electable alternative if the Republicans nominate the horrible McLame. If its a choice between McLame and Obamarama I just might cast a vote for the New America, democrat style.
I was watching CSPAN last night and saw McLame side by side with ultra-lib Joe Leiberman doing a town hall meeting. McLame was the most god-awful candidate I think I have ever seen. He wandered aimlessly around the stage, sometimes answering questions with a mike in one hand while the other played pocket pool. He muttered and stumbled. He managed to drop every applause line and his jokes were pointless, tired and dreadful.
So now we've got a badly wounded Clinton Crime Family, facing increasing desertions in the Democraptic Party watching Obamarama be crowned with the aura of Camelot. We've now seen how psychotic they get under pressure. The race gambit backfired; look for tears. I also dont think that they'll be able to keep Bull Clinton under raps. His ego is too big and the question arises, who has the nerve to tell him to shut up? The Clints also think he is too much of an asset to the campaign. They believe their own PR about how well-loved they are. The nicest thing about all this is the final destruction of that myth. If HRC doesnt win the nomination does Bill just turn into a Jimmy Carter with his pants around his ankles, shooting his mouth off endlessly and spending his days cheating at golf and shooting a few holes?

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