Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Iowa Happens

After all these months, the endless boring debates, the ridiculous ever-shifting polls, the profound columns, the pontificating talking heads, its all in the hands of the slack-jawed Midwestern rusticates of Iowa. Tomorrow night the Iowa caucuses will probably prune the odd-lotters and publicity hounds from the stages of any subsequent debates and make people focus on the viable. Bye bye Richardson, Biden, Dodd, and Hunter.
The big news is said to be the heavy blows dealt to the Romney and Clinton campaigns. Both of these phony egotists have bet heavily on Iowa and if the polls are right (big if) they will both suffer heavily tonight. Good.
Romney spent a bundle and got major national coverage and didnt make the sale. Is he a conservative? Its doubtful that his pre-election conversion is sincere but who cares? He aint the guy. Period. If he lasts long enough to crap on McLame in NH then he will have served his purpose.
Her Royal Thighness. Will her baskets of Chicom cash enable her sluggish and faltering campaign to survive a third-place finish in a state where she campaigned so hard? She seems to have strained her vocal chords nagging the hapless residents of Iowa and has put BJ on the stump to make the case that she's a totally independent woman as she rasps to the finish. The aura of inevitability has already faded and even if she wins it will be in a scorched-earth assault on Obama and Edwards that will alienate many. Oh YEAH!
Edwards. An Edwards victory would really shake things up. As repugnant as he is, could it be possible that this coiffured Stalinist reptile could have some kind of appeal to normal humans? It doesnt seem possible. I watched him on CSPAN giving his warmed-over War On Poverty speeches and it amazes me that he could be anyone's first choice. Name your issue and he has a big-government expensive solution for it and he's going to shake down the wealthy to pay for it all. Well, he's got a shot at winning tonight so we'll see.
Obama. The Republican's favorite Democrat. Yes he says all the same irrational things as the rest of them, including advocating invading Pakistan to overthrow our only ally in the country, but he doesnt make me want to scream at my TV much. Maybe its just White Guilt but I kind of like the guy. If any of them are going to win it should be him. He will be amenable to reason. If he wins Iowa tonight, even by one vote, he will be hard to stop.
Kook-Sin-Itch. Is he still running? Will his tiny fringe of crackpots get him a delegate or two so he can make a speech at the convention?
Dr. Paul. Today Iowa, Tomorrow know.
McLame. The media continue to push this terminal case as though anyone could win the Republican nomination with Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh in their face. The old Stalin quip, "Its like laying poultices on a dead man" should be applied to the effect of laudatory columns and phony polls in mainstream media news outlets. The day he said he'd like to give the Fairness Doctrine a second look he made himself some implacable and powerful enemies--- as if his Anmesty Bill and the Gang Of Fourteen hadnt done it already. A walking political corpse, gone after South Carolina.
Thompson. Having a surge. Every time I hear him on the radio or see him on TV I like him more. If he can stay alive until South Carolina he has a real shot.
Huckster-Bee. slimy, liberal, good on TV but has a gaffe-filled campaign. Picking a fight with Rush Limbaugh was a major mistake at a time when people were looking extra hard to make sure that the nominee was a real conservative. Now Rush questions his conservatism every day to the most hard-core high propensity block of voters in the Republican Party. He's high now but if he doesnt WIN BIG in Iowa he's probably on his way out.
Rudy. OK this is where it starts. Rudy's strategy seems to be to let the media candidates destroy each other in the opening rounds and keep his powder dry to defeat the damaged front-runner as the contest emerges into the big states where money and organization matter and where The Rude Boy's weakness on the social issues matter less. He is much more conservative than he is given credit for and is much more capable than any of the others. If his strategy pays off his foresight and discipline would in themselves be additional reasons to support him and hope that he would prevail in November. If it doesnt its bye bye.

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