Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Electile Dystunction

Well, bye bye Rudy. Sun Tzu said that the first objective in any struggle is to defeat your enemy's strategy; having a great plan to defeat your enemy's strategy that you dont implement is not mentioned by Sun Tzu. The primaries are a test of competence, one that the Rude Boy just didnt measure up to. When the shooting started he wasnt able to assess the situation and do what he needed to do. His commercials didnt have any relevance to what was going on around him. Good product, terrible marketing. So goodbye.
Rudy's political carcass is just another of the generally unelectable party hack Republicans. The Bob Doles, the Nelson Rockefellers, the Thomas Deweys, the Gerald Fords, the John McLames. If you strip conservative beliefs from a republican, what do you have? A Chamber Of Commerce, log rolling, subsidy sucking, earmark writing, plastic-haired Enemy Of The People. Not a big vote-getter, usually. But time after time these colorless aparatchicks game the system and worm their way into the nomination, promising victory and delivering disaster. Somehow they never seem to attract the 'moderates and liberals' that they claim they can steal from the Democrats. So they lose. If we nominate McLame we will be creamed by Hillary or Obama. I'm insulted that the Republican mountain could labor and bring forth such an anemic mouse of a candidate. Maybe a Socialist disaster will engender a conservative rebirth like it did in 1980.

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