Friday, November 2, 2007


I usually agree with everything Charles Krauthammer writes. He is one of my favorite commentators. But today he suggested sending the lovable BJ down to Argentina to be near the newly elected female President Kirshner. That's like making Harpo Marx the women's locker room monitor. Why travel that far anyway? Her policies will make this country seem like Argentina, with its worthless currency, moribund economy and gigantic and ineffective government.
Krauthammer was worried about the implications of an ex-President living in the White House and wielding what in this case would probably be enormous influence. I dont see a problem in a way. Whatever you say about BJ and his Bimbos or any of the Clinton's other personal stuff you have to admit that they're pretty close in their love of power. They can easily divide responsibilities; she'll govern For The Children and he can take a hands-on approach to women's issues and they can work hand in hand to tax and oppress the rest of us into poverty. So, Chuckie my boy, dont worry that America's favorite power couple are doing an end run around the 22nd Amendment, once Her Thighness appoints Dennis Kucinich, Chuck Schumer and Ronnie Earle to the Supreme Court our Living Constitution will turn somersaults that will make your jaw drop!

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