Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Cheek!

Her husband is roaming the planet birddoggin babes and banging beaver as he collects baskets of cash from all and sundry, while she's here at home lying like a rug and openly taking gigantic bribes from the Chicoms while her campaign issues naked threats against reporters to avoid having to answer tough questions. So now she has it leaked to her servile media helots that she's got something on milquetoast Obama? It would have to be a videotape of him having sex with a male goat on a pile of stolen FBI files while Ahmadinejad stuffs hundred dollar bills in his pocket for it to rise to the level of the Clinton's shenanigans. I suppose if the Democrats can accept the lunatic ravings on display in Las Vegas by her and the other deranged socialist loonies as a coherent political philosophy they can enthusiastically follow the perverted twists and turns of Her Royal Thighness' War Room and happily vote to end capitalism and democracy in this country. When are these mutts going to turn off Oprah and start using what little brains God gave them?

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