Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Spin Doctor Is In!

Generically, an iatrogenic disorder is any pathological anomaly in which the dysfunctional symptoms in the patient owe their cause to the actions of the practitioner.

Team Clinton is out in force trying to undo some of the damage that Her Thighness did to herself with her Nixonian performance last Tuesday. The script of the Spin Doctors is clear; dont talk about the content of the questions, attack the questioner and the format as not being fair. There is a huge problem with that strategy. With an entire year of campaigning to go the "its not fair to little ol' Hilly Girl" gambit is only going to have a very limited resonance, as can be seen by the reaction to its first use this time, and will be less and less effective the more its used. Attacking the questioner is another tactic that might be effective once or twice but again in the big picture it is an annoying reminder of all the unanswered questions from the eight years of BJ's reign as Mayor Of the Palace and the atmosphere of conflict that plagued the administration of the Worst President of the 20th Century. The Spin Machine is like a General fighting the last war. The tactics they honed to perfection protecting their incumbency are damaging their candidacy. Going to Wellsley and surrounding herself with shrieking co-eds denouncing how mean the spineless wimps that shared the stage with her were only whets the appetite of the 99.9% of the public who were watching 'Dancing With The Stars' instead of some boring political debate. Hillary got spanked by five guys? A political gang-bang!? Now THAT'S interesting and draws attention to her screwing up. All the screaming and counterattacks in the world cant undo the damage she did to herself, it will only make it worse and apparently the whole team of Spin Doctors doesnt even understand why her answers were so damaging.
The main problem with Clinton's answers was not how she equivocated and backed and filled, although that was bad enough, it was with the answers themselves. Apparently she expects to run as an experienced White House player without releasing the records of what she did to get that experience. We all know why; her experience consists of Bimbo Eruptions, illegal fundraising, the cruel and unjust Travel Office firings and several lame and misguided attempts to nationalize the health care industry, one of which resulted in the crippling of the vaccine industry. The other bad answer was trying to mask her total and enthusiastic support for illegal alien amnesty and voter fraud, a VERY unpopular position but one shared by every other candidate on the stage, including that opportunistic half-wit Dodd who apparently thought raising his hand overcomes his many yes votes on amnesty.
Her alleged opponents in the Democratic Primaries are trying to make her manner, not her answers, the issue but I doubt the Republicans will be so circumspect. This is a flawed, extremely vulnerable candidate.

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