Monday, November 19, 2007

The Others Are No Better

The only difference between Hillary and the other libs on the stage in LV was her cloud of scandal and misbehavior. They all want immediate amnesty for all illegals (with immediate access granted to Federal givaway programs),retreat and weakness overseas with Russia and China being able to veto any US action in the UN Security Council, gigantic and steeply progressive tax increases, federalization of medical care, unlimited judicial activism, federal control of all school curricula (ALA Ted Kennedy's 'No Child Left Behind' act, except more), heavy restrictions on trade, an end to secret balloting in Union elections and the end to free speech in the form of talk radio. They cant be honest about any of their agenda because they would lose the election. If Hillary collapses (please God, make it so!) whoever takes over as the frontrunner will have to evade giving straight answers if he wants to have any chance of winning.

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