Friday, November 30, 2007

Science Fraud 101

Today Charles Krauthammer wrote a column discussing how the passage of time has vindicated the morality of George Bush's stand against unlimited Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. I'm no ethical expert, if test-tube formed embryos can save the lives or health of actual humans that's fine with me and we should note, for the record that we are talking about the wisdom of subsidizing this research with taxpayer's money, not making the research illegal.
The real ethical issue is the use of this issue for political purposes. Global Warming redux. Junk science mascarading as a messianic save-the-world reason to reject free markets and place all your hope in total government. Unless you turn your life over to the Wise Bureaucrats the giant tidal wave generated by the consumer-melted polar ice caps will wash over you as you sit crippled by Parkinsons disease in your wheelchair, unable to save yourself when you're konked by a starved polar bear as the tsunami hits.
I seem to remember the Democratic convention in 2004 where George Bush was blamed for keeping Christopher Reeves a helpless cripple by his moralistic niggling. The crippled would rise from their wheelchairs, Parkinsonson's victims would have fulfilling new lives repairing watches with their rock-steady hands, the formerly deaf would write new symphonies of praise to the noble embryos that gave their lives so others might hear, the blind would be blessed with sight!The morons that infest my eternally bankrupt home state of California, led by the Jerkinator, passed a THREE BILLION DOLLAR embryonic stem cell ballot measure to counteract the evil meanness of those Wascally Wepublicans. Curiously, Evil Big Pharma, always greedy for more of the hard-earned cash from the pockets of the sick and crippled seems to lack the same enthusiasm for this miracle cure for everything that is evinced by the geniuses who have managed to weasel their way into elective office. Apparently swindling half the voters in your district qualifies you to cure all disease and fix the weather. So now we've had years of lavishly-funded embryonic stem cell research, in fact over-funding political fad diseases like E-Bola have starved funding for the new anti-biotic resistant strains of bacteria that are actually killing thousands of people. So where's the cures you morons? This mob rule in science may or may not be immoral but it is certainly stupid.

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