Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Ratter's Strike

So the ratters have gone on strike. They catch the wood rats that live on the ivy and brush-covered hillside that forms part of our backyard and then drop them, live, in the house and coolly walk away. Sometimes there is a rat scurrying around for days before we catch it or drive it through an open door. Sometimes we find the mangled corpse of one who was too slow to get away. But, as you can see from the photo, these ratters are striking with no end in sight.
We've offered them a higher-quality cat food (no more on-sale cheapie brands) and promised to scratch them behind their ears for a set amount of time but I think they sense our weakness.
But then there are the other Ratters, AKA the Writers Guild of America. Some of their work is visible in the adjoining photo. These geniuses have walked out because they want a bigger cut of the revenues. They have, by their action, put thousands of people on film crews and technical services, people who have no hope of ever getting residuals, out of work. That isnt any reason for them not to go on strike but it is interesting that this group of very rich liberals dont mind hurting the workers to press their demands for more money. This is also a symptom of people not being able to see reality very clearly. Most network TV shows are marginal profit makers. Most feature films lose money. Both are produced by giant corporations and are a tiny portion of their revenues. Corporations which can stand a strike easily. The public is watching DVD's, You-Tube, FaceBook, surfing the web, playing video games and watching home videos of themselves having sex with their spouse. Some people even have taken the radical step of reading a book. There are plenty of alternatives to the tripe these hacks spew out. This strike is a symptom of the ongoing collapse of network TV.
But let me offer a simple compromise. Give the writers a cut of the profits but bill them for the loses. If they're going to write 'Lions For Lambs' or 'Syriana' they ought to pay when they flop. Let these Marxist windbags stand naked in the hurricane of Capitalism!
And to the Kitties. Get that rat out from under the TV cabinet and we're willing to put a can of tuna on the table.

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