Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hillary Is Not Going To Do It

I dont think she has the political skill to win the Democratic nomination. The cracks are already showing. I'm in the Hollywood film community. Everyone I know is a liberal or a hard-core leftist. They are all very wary of Hillary. The corruption and phoniness that embarrassed them during the Bill years are still there and it really bugs them. They might have yelled at the top of their lungs that oral sex and perjury dont matter but most decent people know that they do matter. The air of dishonesty and thuggery disturbs people who honestly agree with Mrs. Clinton politically. Why is it neccessary ? It just gives the right-wingers ammunition to use against Progressives. Its hard to see yourself as an altruistic, world-saving, caring good-guy when you're voting for a candidate who is laundering bundled Chicom campaign cash through Chinatown human trafficking gangs. Mrs. Clinton isnt able to get a positive message out without more scary stuff hovering around the edges. Obama is a reliable liberal and he's a fairly nice guy . Dumping the Clintons sets liberals free from four years of their Right-Wing nerd relatives regurgitating scandal stories at them at family gatherings. Left wing people felt as betrayed by Bill Clinton as we all feel by Dubya and they remember it well. Obama presents a credible alternative. He will get it.

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