Monday, November 5, 2007

Yeah, Sure...

"My husband has not withheld a single document," said Clinton.

If you said that or I said that one could reasonably assume that we meant that there were no documents being withheld.However this is a Clinton speaking so we have to assume that because she said that they havent withheld a 'single' document that we can therefore logically conclude that they are withholding 'many' documents, a situation not excluded by the above quotation. Oh course the fatheads in the press are too stupid or in love to ask her about the lawsuit being pressed to force them to release the documents that they arent withholding but we all know the underlying truth; Hilly Girl's White House experience consisted of Bimbo Eruptions, Travel Office frame-ups and illegal fundraising. The same reporters that spent eight years trying to braid their nose hairs with the one's in Bill's butt are not ever going to ask a follow-up question or press a point with The Little Woman.

UPDATE! Her husband HASNT withheld a single document! The key weasel-word was not 'single' , as I had speculated, but 'husband'. Hillary and Bruce Lindsay have been in charge of the papers that are in question, not BJ! HRC is not releasing them for the above-stated obvious reasons.

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