Friday, November 2, 2007

The Mask Slipped

Tuesday's Democratic debate was actually a real shocker! Who would have thought that the Queen, Her Royal Thighness herself , coasting to her inevitable coronation could get so badly derailed in a Democratic (!) debate. There wasnt a conservative around for miles! What kind of a threat did the pack of hapless weasels that flanked her on the stage present? Spineless empty shirt Obama? The other drunken slice of bread in Ted Kennedy's waitress sandwich Dodd? Dennis Kook-Sin-Itch? The Dumbest Man In The Senate, Joe Biden (BTW rumor has it that in the re-make of 'Wizard Of Oz' the group will wander into a Biden campaign rally and will be put soundly to sleep by one of his speeches)? John 'Girlie-Man' Edwards, whose total irrationality only goes unnoticed because of his irrelevance? Or finally, Mystery Man Bill Richardson, who is going to employ the same diplomatic magic he used in North Korea to keep Iran from nuking up (its a mystery that anyone could envision this bland functionary as a candidate)? Not exactly formidable opponents. After all, these dudes kept mum while their Pantsuited FrontRunner was hogging the front page taking bribes from Chicom criminals. I guess they're not too eager to tangle with the Clinton Crime Family's Propaganda Division.
It was a beautiful evening in the City Of Brotherly Love (hey that's sexist, isnt it?) and many happy Democrats marched outside, their concern for the environment touchingly evident.
Fashion seems to be everything to these chic demonstrators and they were all there for our girl Hilly. Everything was there for a glowing Clinton Evening. Even the Friendly Media put two Masters of Ceremonies notorious for their pro-Hilly partisanship.
So what the hell went wrong?
The first thing was the 'debate' on who could give the most cringingly spineless reaction to Iran developing nukes. I trembled at the thought of one of these nebbishes in charge of our foreign policy. As they blurbled on about the courageous diplomacy they would employ to denuke the bloodthirsty, ruthless vermin who run Iran I recalled a line from Edward Gibbon's 'Decline And Fall', "Persuasion is the tactic of the weak, but the weak are rarely persuasive." Russert asked each of these rarely persuasive losers if they would pledge to keep Iran from getting nukes and Hilly stumbled. She was probably thinking about her hubby BJ's egregious failures to keep Pakistan and North Korea non-nuclear and she started equivocating. Blipity-Blap, Blappity-Bloop, lots of loopholes just in case Ahmadinajahd doesnt want to stop his nuke
program to avoid a scathing editorial in the New York Times. Not Presidential. Later Russert asked why she was keeping phone transcripts of chit-chat between her and BJ during the Golden Presidency Years locked away in the Clinton Lie-Berry And Massage Parlor while she was running on her White House experience. Well, er, um you cant rush those bureaucrats, ahem, uhum and er, uh, other Presidents do it all the time, yatta, yatta. She sounded like one of the corporate bigwigs testifying in front of Henry Waxman. Very Presidential-- President Nixon Presidential.
You'd think she didnt want to talk about the Bimbo Eruptions, questionable fund-raising, perjury and Travel Office trivia that defined her record as First Lady.
And finally Russert dropped the Big One. Illegal alien drivers licenses, licenses that would let people like the Kook-Sin-Itch supporter pictured here vote in elections formerly restricted to US citizens. She was for it except that she was against it except when governors want it and er, um the people who live in the shadows, dont you know. Now this is a tough one for any Democrat. They're aching to give their undocumented Amigos all the benefits that the Gub-mint can dispense in return for their votes, after all even the wettest mojado knows the program from years of the PRI buying their support in Mexico. The tricky part is that there is ample evidence that Actual Americans are furious at this truckling to lawbreakers. This is an issue that can destroy her and every other Democrat and she blew it BIG TIME!
So in the aftermath the Clinton Crime Family launched an assault on the winner of the debate, Tim Russert. Poor Tim was last seen drinking cheap Tokay from a bag-covered bottle behind a liquor-store dumpster crying about the White House State Dinner invitations he was never going to get. Meanwhile the Spin Machine was changing the subject from Hilly's inadequate answers to the fact that her opponents 'piled on'. As though those wimps had anything to do with it. She beat up herself.

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