Thursday, November 8, 2007

Useful Idiots

After the appalling responses to a question about the Iranian nuclear program by the Democratic candidates in last week's debate we should cast our minds back to the culture of sniveling appeasement that is their legacy. Remember that their truckling to the savages who run Iran, and indeed to any radical Islamonazi, no matter how extreme, comes from a culture of embracing any anti-Western ideology that arose in intellectual circles in the 1930's and has continued to this day. It was clearly to be seen on the podium at last Tuesday's debate. The grandchildren of the mealy-mouthed supporters of Commie-lovers Henry Wallace and Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1940's are the fervid supporters of Hillary Clinton and Dennis Kook-Sin-Itch.
Nothing has changed so let's take a trip down Memory Lane.
In the summer of 1945 the deputy chief of Stalin's secret police Abakumov gave a speech to his fellow officers about the role of the well-meaning liberals and the Soviets intentions toward them:

"They dream of lasting peace and building a democratic world for all men. They dont seem to realize that WE are the ones who are going to build the new world, and that we shall do so without their liberal democratic recipes. All their slobber plays right into our hands, and we shall thank them for this, in the new world, with coals of fire. We shall drive them into such dead ends as they've never dreamed of. We shall disrupt them and corrupt them from within. We shall lull them to sleep, sap their will to fight. The whole 'free western' world will burst apart like a fat, squashed toad...Our aim justifies this. Our aim is a grand one, the destruction of the old, vile world."
(Stalin's Secret War- Nikolai Tolstoy)

This is the attitude of every bloodthirsty utopian toward the peacenik saps they use to further their aims.

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