Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Worse Than Munich

The presidency of George W Bush has been one long, sad series of disappointments and betrayals. He's truckled to his enemies and spit on his supporters at every turn. He's turned the Republican Party into a spineless doormat and let the Dems run amok without any opposition. And now, in a pathetic attempt at a legacy worthy of the one attempted at the end of the Goat-Boy administration, he seeks to enable Holocaust II with his conference for a Final Solution To The Israeli Question to be held in Annapolis. Every towel-headed terrorist Jew-hater in the region has been given a seat at the table.
What a sad loser he is. And what a horrible argument against democracy is that gnomish moron Ehud Olmert. After his unbelievable blundering and incompetence were highlighted for all to see in his pathetic response to Hezbollah last year why did the Israeli electorate not rise up and expel him and the kleptomaniacs who surround him in the Knesset from their cushy sinecures? I suppose once the state starts handing out goodies to one and all even a stark theat to national survival is less terrifying than losing your seat at the trough. The more fool them. Comparing this to Munich in 1938 is not appropriate. After all, Hitler hadnt been issuing threats to exterminate Czechs, it was presented as an administrative adjustment. This is handing an entire population over to their bloodthirsty enemies to be slaughtered with our eyes wide open.Bush didnt have the guts or the skill to demand oil drilling in ANWAR or offshore,or the political will to start building nuclear power plants so now we are on our knees to the Saudis. Shame on Bush and Rice for this nightmare.

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