Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Plea For Fairness

"Stop Pickin On Mah Wafe!' Yew tell'um Billy Boy! Them thar New York Ciddy pointy-haids caint go arownd askin fer her doccy-mints and askin them thar trick questions without ol Billy leavin Daisy Mae's side and wavin his pie-plate hands at them scallywags that are keepin himself an the Little Wommin out of the house that that election-stealin varmint Dubya done stole rat out from under their noses. Hell, one look at them giant hands gits them Soccer Babes wetter then October, an that meanz votes, votes, votes! Hey, an them waitresses wantin extry should jes shaddup cuz we're fixin ta give them all the dang free health care they're ever agoing ta be needin. So Billy'll be leavin the Lil Gal on the front porch with the bloodhounds wilst he goes back across the holler ta Daisy's shack and if yew Yankees come lookin fer more trubal jest remember them dawgs bite something fierce.

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