Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anderson Crapper

The Clinton News Network strikes again. Another appalling debate where CNN picked questions from YutzTube. The questions were either from Dem campaign workers or badly lit troglodytes in trailers with Confederate flags in the background. They spent a long time on that big issue Gays In The Military, using a Clinton Campaign Advisor to ask the question and then handing him the microphone to make a speech (they flew him from California to Florida to attend and then denied that they knew he worked for the Clinton campaign. Classy!). Hot Republican issues like Biblical literalism were well covered, just to make sure the public understands what a dangerous bunch of religious zealots all conservatives are.
Why did the Repubs let themselves be stereotyped by these left-wing Clintonoid liars? The questioners were either Democratic employees or selected for their nuttiness to achieve a maximum anti-Republican effect. CNN claims they they didnt know that the questioners were plants. Yeah sure. Democratic operatives snuck into this debate and also into the Dem debate in Las Vegas and CNN just didnt catch it. BOLLOCKS! What a bunch of lying left-wing hacks they are at CNN. No questions about taxes, non-Iraq foreign policy, Iran (a subject that caused some of the most embarrassing answers during the Dem debate) education, overregulation or Federal Health Care. Still, with that said, the candidates didnt do that badly. It seems the Dems cant even win with loaded dice. The contrast between the two debates is striking. There was a wide range of opinions amongst the Reps, the Dems just blandly parroted the PC party line. Even with these inferior questions the Reps demonstrated intelligence and a command of the issues. The softball questions in the Des Moines Dem debate still managed to derail their frontrunner. The Dems cant give straight answers, the Repubs can basically say what they think (unless their name is Mutt Romney who thinks all kinds of different things at various times) without having to worry that average people might be horrified. The Dems have to prevaricate. If the truth of their Socialist views were known they would lose in a landslide.
It will be interesting to see the blowback from this. I dont think Giuliani lost any support and he didnt plant any future extremist position bombs to blow up in his face in the general election. Romney's support will flow to Huckabee, I think his smarmy insincerity doomed him among evangelicals and didnt make any converts with any other groups in the party. Huckabee hit all the born-again buttons but came across as very weak on other issues. McCain was likable but has no credibility. Thompson is too froggy and slow. Paul was his usual crackpot whiny self. Tancredo and Hunter were invisible.
So where are we now? Iowa will finish Romney, Tancredo, Hunter, McCain and Thompson leaving Rudy, Huckabee and the eternal moron Ron Paul to fight it out. If Hillary cant manage to stop the decline of her faltering campaign either Rudy or Huckabee will be facing Obama.
An interesting scenario.

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