Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Lucretia Borgia Candidate

Today Wolf woke up to find his rottwieler's bloody head in his bed. When he got to the studio there was a fish wrapped in newspaper on his desk and a guy that looked a lot like Robert Duvall waiting to see him.If the Clinton Crime Family muscles its way into power any press person that gets off the reservation had better say a Hail Mary before they turn the key in the ignition. The Chicom street gangs the Clints use to launder the contributions from Bejing will be put to other uses. We'll have a democracy like they had in Italy during the papacy of Alexander The Sixth. The Free Health Care giveth, The Free Health Care taketh away.
The most amazing thing is to see the press, which roars its fury daily at the timid twerps in the Bush White House, get down on its belly and crawl when they're confronted by a gang notorious for holding grudges and using extra-legal means to retaliate. Not so easy to write bad stuff about Hillary if your boss just had dinner with Bill and you dont want to have your taxes audited.
This is all one would want in political drama. Could it be that the wheels are coming off the Hillary Bus so soon? They've always pulled through before, but that was Bill, and although he seems to be a senior advisor he doesnt seem to be in on the day to day campaigning.
If its thinkable that Her Royal Thighness would self-destruct in a giant, greasy pile of rage and sleaze it would lead one to contemplate what comes next. Now if you've read my blog you will know that I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton but she does understand the nuts and bolts of governance (however imperfectly) unlike that sad gaggle of pathetic morons that join her on the stages of the endless debates. Those guys say the darndest things! Things that make you want to put on your lead-lined bunny PJ's , don your radiation-proof helmet and sit in your bomb shelter with your shotgun between your knees sucking your thumb. Crazy Stuff.
So where do I stand in an Obama-Huckabee contest? I will give away all worldly wealth and take my begging bowl and sit by the concrete banks of the currently waterless L.A. River and try to envision the fiery life-death wheel of Kharma.

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