Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh Mutt...Your Pink Slip Is Showing!

Seventy years of failed government retraining programs are no hindrance to proposing more if you're a genius like Mutt Romney. This opportunist masquerading as a conservative (until he wins the nomination) cant even keep his liberal instincts under wraps during the primaries. 'If there's a problem I must have a PLAN!' is a liberal mantra from the days of FDR. Maybe vote-buying and pandering have just become endemic to the system. He's proposing a whole new batch of Programs to retrain factory workers who are losing their jobs to China. Nice idea, except it never works.
My son teaches a course in computer graphics, at a community college where the cost is minimal and also at an expensive private training school. The students at the community college do not take the class seriously and the one's that are paying for the instruction out of their own pockets do. Free government giveaways NEVER work. Especially if the recipients of the largess are humiliated and insulted by being forced to take it or lose other 'benefits'. Even the most well-intentioned blue-collar worker placed in a classroom after thirty years on the job is going to be suffering a great deal of angst at having to start from square one after his life has been flushed down the toilet by some MBA punk fresh out of business school. A know-it-all kid with a college degree like the ones that are looking at him like some pitiable welfare case at the job training center.
Another unworkable plan by a Compassionate Conservative (aka Liberal).

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