Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Please! Not Huckster-Bee!

I'm not a social conservative but I respect the views of those who are. I know they've been searching for a candidate that they feel comfortable with but that is no excuse for them to support a sleazy, liberal ex-governor from the blighted backwater of Arkansas. Yes, he'll SAY anything to get your vote but his words are belied by his very liberal record. Havent we had enough experience with unknown governors slithering their way into the White House (Carter, Clinton and Dubya) to know what happens; their conservative rhetoric evaporates and the spending derby kicks into high gear. Hucksterbee gives a cracking good speech, so I'm told, and of course I'll support whoever the party nominates, as should we all, but this guy doesnt have one, single accomplishment of any kind besides winning elections.

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