Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Socialist Clown Posse

The grotesque gaggle of candidates representing the Democratic Party's presidential choices were all together last night in Des Moines, vieing for the votes of the dumbest, most deluded cretins on the planet, that slimy group of malignant sub-humans known as Democratic Activists. A century of blood-drenched failure hasnt shaken the ideals of these eternally damned idiots (aka Progressives) and they were there in droves to judge which of these geniuses could most profoundly betray their country's strategic interests in the world and propose the most draconian taxes and giant giveaway programs at home. What a performance!
They've got an ethically compromised megalomaniac,an empty suit who hasnt finished teething, a hallucinating former ambulance-chaser who played second banana to a foon-faced loser four years ago, a runtish governor who swears that the same tactics that didnt make the North Korean savages give up their nukes will work fine with the Iranian savages, the Dumbest Man In The Senate, and the drunken
other half of Ted Kennedy's waitress sandwich. All with the same lust for economy-destroying taxes and Federal Health Care.
If the Republicans cant beat this lot it will mean two things:
1) The American electorate is terminally stupid and deserves every disastrous thing it gets.
2) The Republicans are too cowardly and stupid to make a compelling case.

I'm less bothered by this than you would think. I've been broke around people who werent, which is a drag. I've been broke around people who were, which can be fun. I'm usually broke no matter who's in power so seeing the smug leftists who inhabit my world discomfited by the results of their idiotic policies will give me some joy.

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