Thursday, November 29, 2007

Death To The Kulaks!

I just read an essay by Donald Lambro about how the richest districts in the country are becoming increasingly Democratic. The traditional elite rich universities turned into Socialist indoctrination camps in the sixties and a half-century of propaganda is showing results. The managerial class wants stasis and stability and thats what the Dems offer. None of this Free Enterprise entrepreneurial crap for them, they've got theirs already. But now the hungry state is looking for new sources of revenue. The poor and working class have either been freed from all income taxes or handed EITC subsidies and the philosophical jump to 'tax the poor' is too much for the Party That Cares. Anyway, non-income taxes (sales, property and excise) are already squeezing the lower orders to the breaking point. Ah, you lovely fat yuppies, sitting smug in your vacation homes with your plump 401k's, its time for you to enjoy the fruits of your own misguided rhetoric. May the tax writers show you no mercy if you manage to inflict a Democratic victory on us this year and the tax collectors even less. After all, its for the Children!

I forgot to add my call for the immediate confiscation of the wealth of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates,George Soros, the Ford, Rockefeller, Keck and Carnegie Foundations. Can we afford to do anything less in a country where 47,000,000 people dont have health care? Wow! This left-wing larceny thing is fun! HILLARY IN 08!

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