Friday, October 5, 2007


Today Oliver North wrote a column about Henry Waxman's assault on the people at Blackwater USA, a private contractor that does security work in Iraq and whose employees risk their lives every day in the war against the Whack-man's terrorist allies. While the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, chaired by the repulsive Whack-man is spending much time on this useless nonsense, little attention is being paid to the competition for the contract to build the Air Force's newest mid-air refueling tanker between Boeing (a well-run, American, but lamentably profit-making privately-owned company with a great track record) and Airbus (a disorganized, overstaffed corruption-riddled company wholly run by semi-hostile foreign governments which loses a ton of money annually). Obviously Airbus is favored because of people like the Whack-man who would , of course, never take any money under the table from an unscrupulous pack of foreigners. These guys yell every day about keeping American jobs in America and the horrors of George Bush's Globalization but somehow they lean towards the corrupt government-run conglomerate.
I am ashamed to admit I'm one of Henry Whack-man's constituents. For Col. North to express some hope that the Big Nostril will behave like a responsible legislator makes me fear for the good colonel's sanity.Possibly a fragment from a non-rice-grain injury in Vietnam has migrated to lodge in his cerebral cortex.The Whack-man hates the military and would do anything to interfere with its smooth functioning.That sawed-off humunculus is as viciously left-wing as you can get.Have you ever noticed that the most zany Marxist Representatives all come from the wealthiest districts? Pelosi, Baghdad Jim McDermott, Wexler, Nadler; what a good argument for raising taxes on the rich they are. Reading about the sloth, incompetence and corruption at Airbus (a government run and subsidized company, surprise surprise) makes me wonder why they havent appeared on any lists of Clinton campaign contributors. Maybe they just prefer the untraceable cash option of donating through the Clinton Double Wide Lie-Berry and Massage Parlor. If they were Chinese they'd be following Mrs. Clinton around like lap dogs but apparently the Frogs, with classic Gallic reserve, prefer hanging back and just donating from afar.

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