Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rudy Will Win

The race for the Republican nomination has evened out. The polls are so different as to be useless, except to show that there's allot of indecision in a party burned by the failure of the Compassionate Conservative to actually DO anything Conservative. It seems that we've all spent the last six years boiling with outrage against the Republicans as they've caved on issue after issue. Now the great question is, which of these guys is the real thing? Its easy to say conservative things but when it comes down to actually cutting or even changing specific subsidies or programs its not so easy. All the candidates pledge themselves to the cause and some of them talk a good game.
Rudy is the only one of these candidates that has actually DONE conservative things. He did them under the most adverse conditions in the capitol of Liberalism, while under attack by the world's most venomous activists and the most vicious left-wing press in the nation. He showed physical heroism in 9/11. He took on the Mafia as a Federal Prosecutor which gives him experience he will need when he has to take on the Clinton Crime Family and its lapdog media minions. I will wholeheartedly support whoever is nominated by the party, none of us can afford to do otherwise least we become compulsory recipients of 'Free Health Care' to cure our anti-social hallucinations under the Castro-like Hillary regime, but Rudy is the man to whip that sag-faced,left wing harridan, her libidinous narcissist of a husband and the howling claque of fanatical Social Fascists that they lead.

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