Thursday, October 4, 2007

Old Senate Dogs

"a progressive disease that can cause dysfunction in the parts of the brain important for organization, decision-making and control of mood and behavior."

So old Senate dog Pete Domineci is retiring from a generation in the Senate with a disease with the symptoms described above. His recent anti-war remarks and his declining effectiveness make his retirement timely but with the Libs poised to take a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate a vacancy in an increasingly liberal New Mexico is frightening.
Yes, Pete Domineci has a terrible disease, one that has devastated families, destroyed businesses, caused wars to be lost and nations enslaved and now threatens every citizen in this country. Its called Creeping Liberalism. Have you ever noticed that the older Republicans get the more liberal they get? Barry Goldwater blowing the cover on Iran-Contra for no good reason, John Warner's many lapses into seniscient Socialism, and now even Orin Hatch backing the ludicrous SCHIP giveaway scheme.I think of Everett Dirkson's jolly relationship with LBJ. Let's not even talk about Ted Stevens, John McCain or Larry Craig. I'm not for term limits but I certainly think that conservatives should only stay loyal to politicians as long as they are conservative. Once they start handing out entitlement giveaways and earmarking government goodies for their compadres then its time to attack them in the primaries and get rid of them before we're in a situation like we are now, where we're fighting to hold back the liberal hordes with Senators that have spent one too many cocktail hours with the Massachusetts Orca.
Will the Republican party rise to this challenge? Are we going to take the fight to Dems in Red States that are pretending to be 'moderates' and then go to DC and vote with the detestable Harry Reid on every issue? Hopefully an inspired presidential candidate will energize everyone and the presence of the Clinton Crime Family in the contest will underscore to all of us just how important it is to defeat the creeping menace of Euro-Trash Socialism and save our country.

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